Out of the Capsule

Plus one.

Couple of weeks ago, one of my best friends Yoz and I, got together in Massachusetts and met up with Two Step, Ali Aras and their corpmates at an Eve Meet and Greet in Cambridge.  Had a very cool time, thank you June Ting, Laryk and Slumber for putting up with my bad jokes and keeping me entertained.  

Then there was an Eve Meet in NYC on the labor day weekend.  I live in CT.  I can go to NYC and meet some Eve people too.  Yoz said he was in.  So off we go south to NYC, and hang out with a bunch of guys from Black Legion and Confederation of Pizza, plus a handful of others.  They were outside in the beer garden when we got there, I moved them indoors so we can get the dozen or so of us all in one big group.

Hi, I’m Bren, who’s in charge here?  Cause we’re moving the party.

Yeah, I guess I’m That Guy.  I’m not shy, anyway.  Thanks to ukiyo e for getting us together, Junko Sideswipe for making me feel old, and Firespirit for being a comedian with the corp tag [EPCOT].

Two entirely different groups.  The NYC guys are all male, all younger, in their 20s.  Some of them must have only recently taken over payment of their Eve accounts from their parents.  They were hyped, full of energy, but still, respectful and fun to be around.  The Boston folks are an older crowd, more sedate, men and women, with two CSM members in the crowd and all.  Internet spaceships is serious business, but they were a little silly and fun, too.  

They all love their game.  They all understand that we’re all playing Eve Online, but each of us is playing a different game.  Aperture Harmonics is doing worm holes and proving they don’t need to be in a wormhole coalition to do what they do.  Of Sound Mind is figuring out that NBSI can be a lot more fun than NRDS.  Black Legion is giving it a shot at being the next Pandemic Legion.  Confederation of Pizza is… well, that might be a secret.  

And they all think that what OUCH does is cool as hell. 

Send money and students!

What I didn’t realize is that going to these meet ups, hanging our with a bunch of Eve Nerds was going to be so bloody fun.  Now I know why some people keep going to Fan Fest every year.  Getting to know the people on the other side of the internet is freaking cool.  And I’ve been encouraging my corpmates, too.  Hell, my Chief Operations Officer went to the Atlanta meet up last Saturday, met one of our corpmates and her husband, partied with the Devs and had a blast.  

These meet and greets are addictive.  They make Eve bigger.  They make Eve cooler.  They make Eve more. 

They make Eve.

Every year, I pretend to go to Fan Fest.  I talk about getting my passport renewed.  But every time, I am end up balking:  too much travel, too much money, too much lazy OUCH pilot.  I don’t know.  But these local community events, I’m amazed that I’ve had such a good time at them.  Kind of makes me want to a vacation to Tennessee to coincide with a Memphis meet and greet and grab me some barbeque.  Or one down to Atlanta and link up with my fellow OUCH pilots there.  

Long story short, if you’re not getting out to meet the folks in the community, you don’t know what you’re missing, but I can tell you, you’re missing out.

Minus one.