BB55: Famous

Plus one.

CSM voting is coming to a close.  I’ve put my money on, in alphabetical order, Ali Aras, DNSBlack,  James Arget, Mike Azariah, Sugar Kyle and Xander Phoena.  All people who I believe will be, or will continue to be, good CSM members.  All people I believe won’t do anything to break my Eve.

You might be surprised about the rest of my list, but yes, I voted for Psychotic Monk and for mynnna.

I think that a well rounded CSM that understands that the CSM needs to represent all styles of play. They should support PvE and PvP development without putting their personal and corporate/alliance/coalition agendas in front of what is good for the overall balance of the game.

Eve is a sandbox where you get to play it your way.  Unfortunately, too many people spend a lot of time explaining why not playing Eve their way is playing Eve wrong.

If you want to mine, enjoy mining in your sandbox.  If you enjoy mission running, good for you.  Low sec pirate?  Go for it.  High sec ganker?  Absolutely.  Play the game you want to the way you want to.  Just do it within the limitations of the game and try not to be an asshole.

Are there improvements to all of these areas that I hope the CSM can work with CCP to improve?   Absolutely.  Do I think I have some things that CCP can do to improve the game as a whole?  Yes.

Why didn’t you run for CSM then?

Funny, my corpmates have encouraged me to run several times.  They think I would be a good CSM.  I’ve been playing Eve for almost 5 years, I have a good understanding of game mechanics.  I can see room for improvement in a lot of areas.  But I don’t necessarily think that Bren Genzan would be a good CSM candidate because frankly, I’m not Eve famous.  I believe that unless you have a constituency, like a SOV bloc, you need to be famous to get the votes.

And to be truthful, I am not sure that I want that fame.  I’m really good at what I do, teaching newbs that null sec doesn’t have to be scary.  Herding cats, I mean, training newbies in OUCH is a full time job and CSM seems like a lot of work, and not all of it seems rewarding.

But you’ll be Famous.

Fame in Eve Online is a lot about notoriety.  Some people get fame in Eve because they do something that no one else does, they have a list of accomplishments in Eve that is unmatched in some way.  Maybe they blog and demonstrate extensive knowledge of their area of the game.  In some cases, they are just vocal members of the community who do not have the experience or background to comment on the subject that they do, yet that draws attention to them even more.

We do love a good moron.

Some are famous because they are self made, but have really have accomplished nothing for the community.  Some are known for nothing more than being a visible and vocal member of a famous corporation.

Fame is fleeting.  The famous come and go.  I saw a post somewhere asking people who were the 10 best FCs in the game and I recognized 2 on the list.  They were famous in their sandbox.  Not famous in mine.  Maybe famous in Pure Blind or Syndicate, but just another guy in Providence or Curse.

Who do I admire?  Azual Skoll.  Sard Caid.  Sugar Kyle.  Ripard Teg.  Small gang pvpers and bloggers.  Members of my community.  People who take the time to give out accurate information in an entertaining way to help someone else play the game.

But when I ask my buddy Tuxedomask if he knows who they are, he shrugs.  They are not part of his community.  Not in his sandbox.

The price of fame?  I’m sure for a PvPer, it means being primary.  Sugar’s corpse is in my morgue.  Ripard’s evemail is always full: I privately give him grief when he doesn’t write me back.

He’s such a slacker.

But is there really a bad side to Eve being Eve famous?  Not really.  Because even though DNSBlack can fly through hundreds of systems in a Arazu and no one will bother him, there are plenty of people who will tackle his ass and find themselves on the wrong side of a hotdrop.

In the end, it’s Eve fame isn’t really all that big of a deal.  If you want it, there are paths to get there.

If you have the will. 

No, if you have the time.

Minus one.

That’s Not A Falcon

Plus one.

Last weekend, my brothers-in-arms in A4D asked us if we wanted to kill a carrier.  Reluctantly, I and a few of my OUCH bros jump into bombers and of course, a Falcon and jumped through a wormhole into SOV space to catch a ratting carrier.

I was in a Crow.  My job was simple:  scout ahead from the hole to k-space, then after we get to the target system, get a secondary point on the carrier when the covops decloaks on him.

It went off flawlessly.

Scratch one Thanatos.

Heading home, I was flying the rear guard while the FC was getting a bead on a 20 man Goonswarm gang.  They had Nagas and logi.  We have BCs and some small boys, with logi and ECM support.  Our FC’s making plans to engage when a 20 man command ship fleet jumped in behind us.

Hi.  We’re with Pandemic Legion.  We’re here to help.

So we did what any smart small gang does when they are in between a 20 man Naga fleet and a 20 man Vulture fleet, both running 4 or 5 logistics ships each.

Get out of the way!

We head for safes.  The Goons head toward Empire.   PL gives pursuit, but the Goons have a good head start, so they stop, look around for a bit to see if they can find us, and then head on down the highway.

Disappointed, we start to head for home again.  We’re 1 jump from home when a straggler Naga is sighted 3 jumps ahead.

I have not flown interceptors much lately.  I tend not to fly popular ships and ‘ceptors have been very popular recently.  But I’m in one and I am not terrible flying it, and heaven knows this warp bubble immunity stuff makes inties pretty cool.  I go to warp.

The Naga is playing with a friendly dictor when I get into system.  There is a bubble up on this side, and the Naga is burning for the gate.  He jumps out.  I follow.

The other side is also bubbled, and there is a friendly inty on this side, too.  The Naga tries to burn off, but we quickly tackle him.  Our fleet is on the other side of the gate when 4 hostile interceptors land on us.

Bad timing.  For them that is.

Our fleet jumps in.

Who has the Naga?

Bren has the Naga.

Well, let’s get points on these ‘ceptors then.

I’m locking and cycling my guns on ‘ceptors as they get grabbed and popped.  The Naga pilot is coasting away from gate but he’s not going anywhere fast.   I kind of forgot how wonderful it is to be a tackler holding down the ship waiting for damage dealers to come back from their latte breaks.

A short time later, scratch one Naga, too.

I thank my fleet mates and make the 2 jumps back home.  I can’t complain at all about these these wormhole roams.   2 billion ISK destroyed in 75 minutes.

Fast paced, highly efficient.

Maybe I need to fly interceptors more often?

Minus one.