The Glass Is Half Empty

Plus one.

For the last couple of weeks, I have been thinking a lot about the New Player Experience.  Since CCP Rise spoke about the NPE, everyone seems to have an opinion about what CCP needs to do to make help retain the new player, with an overall goal to help new players become part of the community.

What community is that?

I’m not sure how to answer that.  I’ve come to the conclusion that the people who are most vocal about everything in Eve are in PvP corps, small or large, and the majority of them seem think that PvE is the necessary evil that you put up with in order to PvP.  The problem I have with the whole conversation is that the vocal minority seems to refuse to understand that they are all playing a different PvP game in Eve.  

Solo.  Micro Gang.  Small Gang.  Large Gang.  Small Fleet.  Large Fleet.  Mega Fleet.  

High Sec.  Low Sec.  Low Sec (Faction War).  Null Sec (NPC).  Null sec (SOV).  Wormhole space.

Frigates.   Destroyers.  Cruisers.  Battlecruisers. Battleships. Capitals.  Supercapitals.

I think that there is an argument for 300 different types of PvP, based on just ship type, system security status and fleet size alone.  Don’t buy it?  How many players do you know are lamenting that Solo Battleship PvP in Low Sec has been strangled by Small Gang Cruiser PvP or by Small Fleet Capital PvP?    That Small Gang Cruiser PvP (less than 20 ships) has been killed by T1 Logistics, morphing into what I consider Large Gang (greater than 20 ships) Cruiser PvP?

So CCP has a problem.  They are trying to get us to encourage people to stay subscribed and they are being influenced by the vocal minority, mostly PvPers, to think the way to get people stay subscribed is to become involved in a corporation.  That corporation is more than likely, one that PvPs.

Solo.  Micro Gang.  Small Gang.  Large Gang.  Small Fleet.  Large Fleet.  Mega Fleet.  

The community is not all inclusive.  The community is diverse and divided on the fundamental nature of Eve Online.  The community has a negative attitude with respect to that diversity:  every member of the vocal minority believes that their way of playing in the sandbox PvP is the right way and everyone else is doing it wrong.  Heaven forbid you lower the power grid on one of their favorite ships, but they are all for anything that will force a PvE player to venture into low sec or null sec.

Welcome to my neighborhood, noob.  

This is why I am concerned about CCP and the CSM trying to figure out how to retain players.  We players can’t make up our minds how to play together in the sandbox.  With a few exceptions, the vocal members of the community are not the players peacefully playing the game, making isk and buying PLEX to fund their mining, missioning, industry or exploration habits.  The vocal minority are PvPers who are attempting to influence CCP with the ultimate goal of forcing the Solo Miner High Sec, Solo Missioner High Sec, or Solo Industrialist High Sec to play our gameOr at least, play their game in our sandbox where we can mess with them.

You’re not going to retain players by making them play a game that they do not want to play.  They will just play a different game.

I’m still not convinced that CCP knows what kind of player they want to retain.  I’m still not sure what playstyle CCP is trying to cater to.  They sell the large fleet battles to people, but it’s unrealistic to think that 1000 ship fights happen everyday.  They know you have to do something else to keep people interested between big SOV battles.  

The SOV battles that 90 percent of us do not participate in.  Low Sec PvP that 90 percent of us do not participate in.  Faction War that 90 percent of us do not participate in.  Wormhole PvP that 90 percent of us don’t participate in.  Solo PvP that 90 percent of us do not participate in.

Neighborhoods do not make a community.

Ripard Teg understands that.  As one of the most popular bloggers in Eve Online, he learned that if he wrote a well thought out and well supported post on any subject in Eve Online, 90 percent of the people would disagree with him and act like he just fired the first shot in a war to the knife.  Any wonder why he retired from blogging?  

He’s tired of tanking the community.  

I don’t blame him.  If Eve Online vocal minority doesn’t come to some kind of consensus and look to the needs of the community on a whole, and not just the neighborhoods we each live in, I’m pretty sure we’ll all be looking for a new game before the 20 year anniversary.

Minus one.