Collateral Damage

Plus one.

I’ve been thinking.

Oh boy.

I understand the jump drive range reduction and the jump fatigue timers are designed to limit power projection.  I’ve done my own math, checked how it all works.  Under current conditions, supercaps stationed in Doril, the regional gateway from Derelik, are able to threaten 398 null sec and low sec systems in 10 different regions.

One jump.  One jump away from bored super pilots dropping a half dozen Aeons on a jump freighter, or dropping 4 pack of Aeons and Nyxes on a bubble camp of frigates and cruisers.  After Phoebe, that 5 LY range shrinks the number of target systems to 33.

Without the jump fatigue timer, supers and carriers can just be infinitely repositioned to get into range of the target system.  For large alliances, it’s trivial to have cynos where you need them and truthfully, for small alliances like Art of War Alliance, it’s not that difficult either.  If you have the character slot, it’s trivial to train up an alt with Cloaking and Cyno 4, dual purposing a character for picket duty and lighting the occasional jump beacon.

I can see how CCP limiting all jump capable capitals to the same 5 LY distance makes it clean.  But the more I think of it, the more I think that CCP needs to leave the jump range on jump freighters alone.

As a byproduct of managing power projection, CCP is nerfing the jump range on freighters.  This makes it harder on the large alliances where 3 guys are in charge of moving alliance assets to support a thousand pilots.  I can understand their point.  It should be more difficult for large alliances to support all of their people.

In figuring out how this affects OUCH, I think that logistics is going from a solo activity to a group one.  My corporation is going to have to work harder to move our stuff in and out of empire.  We will have to mitigate the increased risk of more cynos and more jumps with teamwork.  This is not debilitating because we are already have a team of pilots living in null who are used to doing our own logisitics to support our PvE and PvP.


There are people out there that do not shoot stuff.  They do not want to do this in groups.  They mine.  They build.  They trade.  They ship. They explore.  They haul.  They do these things because they find enjoyment doing this.  It’s their game, just like your game is flying around making pew pew sounds.

There are people who try to stop them from doing these relatively peaceful activities.  I am one of them.  I have never let a blockade runner go when it has landed in my interdiction bubble.  It’s not in my nature.

Uh, pirate?

Right.  In my Eve profession, I’m a null sec pirate, defined by the NBSI policy of my corporation, and a teacher, defined by my role as a coach and mentor for new pilots.  For someone whose profession is moving stuff from point A to Z, successfully avoiding someone like me is their PvP.

Avoiding the gank can be even more exciting than ganking.

But what CCP isn’t taking into account is that for most of those pilots handling corporate and alliance, or in the case of Black Frog, commercial logistics, logistics is their game.  Their fun per hour is measured by contracts fulfilled, whether it’s Black Frog, or a SOV jump freighter pilot working for “The Man”.  It’s not something they do in order to do PvP.  It is their PvP.  And when I say, it’s their PvP, I’m saying it so that lizard brained oh-look-it-moved-shoot-it PvPers can relate.

Listen up folks.  Combat pilots are pretty lucky right now because we have an industry of players who willingly build things for us to fly, and another group that move those things to places that we need them.  The jump range limitations and timers don’t hurt alliances, who can n+1 their way out of these inconveniences.  But the professional jump freighter pilot, whose fun per hour is clearly measured in trips, not jumps, per hour.  They just got screwed, and it’s not right, because they are not part of the power projection problem.

Collateral damage.

Let be clear:  if CCP changed a game mechanic that required combat pilots to make and transport all of our own ships and modules ourselves, we’d be pretty upset.

Oh wait.

That’s coming with Phoebe.

Minus one.


Expanding Universe

Plus one.

Last week, the major powers of Null Sec, Sovereignty, signed a letter to CCP asking for some specific changes to Null Sec mechanics that they felt would improve the game and relieve some of the stagnation that is sucking the enjoyment out of null sec pvp.

This week, CCP published their plans to help improve the game and relieve some of the stagnation that is sucking the enjoyment out of null sec pvp.

Now, members of the SOV null contingent of the CSM seem offended because they feel like they didn’t get a cut, but CCP really is taking a page from Pandemic Legion’s Manfred Sideous’s suggestions on Changes to SOV and Power Projection.  So while it was a shock to us common folk, I’m sure that major powers have had time to prepare for the worst.

With the Phoebe release, CCP is nerfing fast, long distance travel. Reducing jump ranges on capitals and supercapitals. Setting jump cooldown for capital and supercapital pilots. Eliminating “death cloning” as a travel option.

Basically, they are forcing everyone to start using gates again. A recommendation that DNSBlack made almost 2 years ago.

And we’re riding a tsunami of tears.

There are a lot of people complaining. People threatening to unsub their capital and supercapital pilots, because the game just changed.  But with all the calls from SOV to reduce power projection, cap and supercap pilots who didn’t see this coming have been living with their heads in the sand.

Power projection is going to go from Global to Regional.  Overnight.

New Eden is about to get a lot bigger.

Now, the complaints I have been really interested in listening to are the ones talking about how this affects logistics. I find the complaints heavy in how this affects personal, not corporate logistics. That is to say, the movement of supplies that one pilot can do themselves, either with one pilot, or one pilot with alts. This is something that has a negative effect on smaller small corps and alliances, where one guy does all of the logistics.

And the commercial haulers?

Yeah, this hampers the operations of the private logistic companies, like Black Frog, PUSH Industries and Galactic Hauling Solutions, where the livelihood of each of their members, as independent contractors, is built not only on how far a jump freighter can jump, but also on how many jumps a jump freighter pilot can make in a day.

Let me explain how this affects OUCH. We, the staff and instructors of Open Uni, live in null sec space. NPC null sec. Curse to be exact. From the point of view of SOV holding capsulers, NPC null sec is irrelevant.

Resistance is futile.

But when drones of the various collectives pass through our systems, solo, in twos and threes, or groups of a half dozen to a dozen ships, we gank them. This is our space, our home, where we hold sovereignty-by-occupation.

In this, we lead similar lives to the small gang and solo pilots who live in low sec. We live off the land. We mine. We rat. We explore. We plex and mission. We build ships locally. We loot the wrecks of our adversaries for their useful modules. What we do not have or cannot make, we buy on the local market. The remainder we bring in via carrier or jump freighter from high sec.

In a month or so, in order to get our stuff out from our high sec staging system in Derelik, to our null sec headquarters in Curse, a little over 14 LY away, we’re going to be a little inconvenienced.

Our members might actually have to do something to get their care packages delivered instead of relying on the one or two guys who do corp logistics, or contracting out to a commercial hauler for convenience. Jump freighter pilots are going to take roundabout routes to get to us, and more jumps means more time, more danger. We might have to station some scouts, grab a few more cynos, and wait a few minutes in between jumps. We might have to scout a carrier or jump freighter through a gate to save a cyno jump or three.

We might actually have to plan and coordinate the execution of our corporate logistics, rather than leave it to one guy to do with a handful of alts.

In other words, corporate logistics just leaped from soloable to a group activity.

And our newbies? Poor newbies. They wont be able to set their medical clones to our null base and then self destruct to travel there anymore.


Yeah, you’re right. Our newbies don’t death clone to get into null. They do it the old fashioned way: they use gates. They learn how to travel through null by themselves, flying in a paper thin ship, jumping into the unknown. They have to prove they know what they are doing with a 30+ jump trip though null in a T1 frigate, without losing the ship. Successfully navigating those 30 jumps is an accomplishment that instills pride and confidence to our students.

So how’s this fast travel nerf going to affect OUCH? Our corp logistics guys broke out their personal computers, calculators, and slide rules.  I swear I heard someone using an abacus.  The verdict?  A 5 light year range limit on jump freighters does not make them happy.

Will things be a lot less convenient? Absolutely.

Are they a Celestial Hardship?

Only for the guy trying to fly a jump freighter gate-to-gate through the Curse pipe.

Minus one.