The First Step

Plus one.

TuxedoMask got me thinking.

Uh oh. We’re in trouble now.

He was just… expressing frustration… with having too many ships in his hanger. As usual, I found myself in agreement with him.

Sounds like a First World Problem to me.


When you are young in Eve, there is a tendency to want to be able to fly different stuff. Smart pilots learn to concentrate their training to their native factions ships for at least the first year before diversifying into another faction ships.

Veterans don’t help. We direct our new pilots into the best ship following the current fleet doctrine or meta, which changes periodically. I recall training for a very long time in order to be able to fly Minmatar hulls, only to find myself flying mostly Caldari ships, now for the past 3 years.

But now you can fly Everything.

Not quite, but I do have around 90 fitted ships in my hanger. Frigates and Destroyers. Cruisers and Assault Frigates. Battle Cruisers and Recons. Strategic Cruisers and Battleships.

No carrier, Bren?

If you’re going to pay for them, I’ll fly them. Otherwise, not going to happen.

Now some of my ships are ready replacements, in case I lose a ship and need to get back in one in a hurry. Some of them are specialty ships, like my Prober Rapier, my Heavy Tackle Armageddon or my Null Taxi Tengu.

Don’t forget your Null Salvaging Blackbird.

Yeah, I kind of love that ship.

Some of them are keepsakes, like my lucky White Gold Rifter, or my beautiful Ashimu Mk II. But for PvP, I fly pretty much the same handful of ships 90 percent of the time. Falcons or Griffins. Harpys or Jaguars. Manticores or Nemesis.

Scanning my hanger leads to lots of questions: Do really I need 3 HAM fit Caracals? Multiples of every non-Minmatar interceptor? Cruisers of every color? A half dozen combat fit battle cruisers that I never fly?

I complained to my corpmates that when they changed the Blackbird hull, it made the Blackbird, Rook and Falcon icons in my hanger hard for me to pick out. I pass over them because I’m wired to see the old shape, and the new shape is easily mistaken for a Kestrel. I filter for “Recon Ships” to find my Falcon now and try not to get in my Rook.

Why do you have Kestrels in your hanger?

Probably for the same reason I have a half dozen fitted Rifters. I wanted to fly them, built a few, lost one and then moved on to something else. To be honest, my last Kestrel loss was probably 3 years ago. I really have no idea the last time I flew one.

And there’s the hard part for me. How to make sense of the ships I don’t fly, but I keep around just in case. Once, when I was in band camp, I think, I went on a battle cruiser roam in a Drake. Long time ago. I keep my BC’s “just in case” I need one. Or six. But really, I can’t think of a reason to have a Kestrel available when I have stacks of Merlins and Rifters which fill the same purpose. That I also rarely fly.

Don’t get me wrong, as a director of a corporation whose main focus is training new players, having frigates available is not a bad thing.

That’s what the corp hanger is for, Bren.

Yeah, you’re right.


Guess the Operations pilots are going to be happy when you finally hold your garage sale, huh?

Well, it’s one thing to admit you have a problem. It’s another to actually do something about it.

Minus one.