With A Little Help From My Friends


I’m looking for a direction of what we’re going to be covering here.  Of course, I want to spotlight what the Open University of Celestial Hardship [OUCH] does: teaching null sec survival and basic PvP.  Eve has a learning curve,  er, cliff, and we’re trying to equip new pilots with mountain climbing gear.

It’s not my intent to repost all of my Life on the Bubble posts here, because they are easily accessed in the OUCH public forum. I plan to keep the posts on the forum separate from the blog, but there are a couple of really good posts that I think I will definitely mirror here.  Don’t despair, there will be plenty of fresh content here.

But this post is all about giving Gunpoint Diplomacy’s Sard Caid a shout out.  He gave OUCH and Art of War Alliance props on his Twitch TV Live Stream, and I can do no less than to thank him publicly and promote what he is doing over there.

Sard is out doing great work, soloing in everything from T1 frigates to battlecruisers all about New Eden.  What makes him different than all the other guys out there videoing themselves?  He demonstrates solo combat piloting, then he explains to you the how and why of what he’s doing.

You want to know about “fighting in falloff’?  Overheating?  Target selection?  Gank versus tank?  Watch, listen and learn.

He’s teaching solo and small gang PvP as he does it.  He’s doing it because he wants to.  He’s answering questions LIVE and explaining how he plays his Eve.  Right now, he’s started a new character and is walking through how to build a combat frigate pilot from the ground up, step by step, live and in color.  I think there’s a lot we can all learn from following his stream.

OUCH was founded on a principle of teaching new pilots the lessons we learned the hard way.  Sard Caid has learned in his own school of hard knocks.  He’s helping new players make the jump into low sec by passing along what he knows to the next generation of pilots.

You don’t have to be in a training corp to be a teacher.  You just have to teach.  Bravo Zulu, Sard!

See you in Curse.

Bren Genzan