Eve Online Educational Organizations

Plus one.

Ripard Teg over on Jester’s Trek writes a monthly post with small snippets of interesting things in Eve that didn’t rate a full blog post.  In his September junk drawer, he pointed at the Eve Online Educational Organizations page and noted that, strangely enough, Goonswarm was listed.  It was enough to make me comment on his blog for the first time.

If you check it out, Goonswarm essentially claims to be an educational organization that helps new players.  I suppose that is true:  Goons educate baby Goons everyday.  It just seems kind of dubious to me.  But the Goons are not alone.

Of the 33 organizations on listed on the page, discounting the corporations targeting non-English speaking players, the vast majority are not what come to mind when I think “Educational Organization”.

Eve University?  Definitely.  Agony Unleashed? Certainly.  Open University of Celestial Hardship?  Well, I hope so.  But most of the other corps are just regular corps using the page as a recruiting tool, claiming, like every corporation that accepts new players, that they are going to teach you how to play Eve.

So the question comes, what’s the purpose of this page?


I wanted to let you know, as the CEO of Open University of Celestial Hardship, that we have created an article in the EVElopedia to highlight all the educational organizations that can be found in EVE Online. The purpose of this article will mainly be to direct new players to it so they can find people to help them get a good start in the game, though of course we list all educational organizations, even those that are not set up for new players.

As the EVElopedia is a wiki you are of course more than welcome to go in there and edit any information on your own organization as you wish, or even remove it if that’s your preference. If you have any questions, please let me know.


Vänliga hälsningar / Best regards,
Christian Danhill
Community Team Manager
CCP NA, EVE Online

That’s a note sent to our founder a year ago.  That’s where this started.  But only a year later, it’s just become another useless page of corporate propaganda.  “Join us and we’ll show you how.”  There’s lots of promises on that page, not a lot of substance.

So what’s the fix?  How does a player sift though all the corps out there selling themselves as teaching or training organizations to find the one that’s right them?    How do you find a corp where someone is teaching something other than “fly a Drake/Tengu” or “get in 50 fights”?

What educational organizations in Eve Online need is accreditation.

Minus one.