Sometimes You Eat the Bear

Plus one.

So Red Alliance has been playing the NPC Sovereignty game.  They are a top ten alliance mixing it up with Solar Fleet in SOV space,  getting into the big fights with the big guns, dropping supers hither and yon.  They’re temporarily based out of NPC space and flying off heaven knows where to do heaven knows what against other SOV holding alliances.

It’s a cool game. I guess.

They are currently staging out in Open University of Celestial Hardship’s home region of Curse. We see 50 to 100 ships in local at a time.  We figured that they were licking wounds and preparing for a big push back into wherever the hell they came from.  No idea what they really are planning, but while they are here, we’ve been bridged, blobbed and bombed by RED pilots with nothing better to do than to try and kill frigates and cruisers.

They’ve taken up residence in Hemin, one of the handful of systems in Curse that actually has cloning facilities.  They blast through the Curse Pipe in 20 to 50 man gangs looking for fights.  We dodge and watch and pick off stragglers:  That’s what the evil little small gangs do in Curse.  We’ve had a lot of practice.  RED’s not the first major SOV alliance we’ve had as customers:  RAZOR, INIT, -A- all have come and gone through Curse at one time or another.

A RED Manticore decloaks in our bubble.  It’s amazing how many times this happens in a week.  Scram-Web-Paint-Track-Damp-Jam.  Boom.  48M.  Get the Pod.  Scram-Web-Paint-Track-Damp-Jam.  Pop.  We send him back to Hemin or wherever he came from.  18M.

An hour and a half later, same guy jumps in from VOL.  He’s on Dscan.  It’s a Drake.  Oh no!

You know that there is a gang on the other side of that gate waiting to jump in.  You don’t need to be a fortune teller to know this.  You don’t even have to have a scout over there.

It’s payback time you freaking Art of War Alliance noobs!

The Drake lands in the bubble.  Scram-Web-Paint-Track-Damp-Jam.  The torpedoes of four stealth bombers, one of each race, stream in.  Boom!  His shields drop a third with the first volley.  His fleet jumps in as the second volley is on the way. Boom!

You guys are sooooo dead it’s not even funny.

Boom! His shields strip away and he’s in armor.

Guys, I could use some help here!

We’re in warp!


Guys! I’m in structure!

RED fleet on Dscan.  Hurricane, Hurricane, Rapier, bunch of T1 and T2 Frigs.  Ready to Rumble!

RED interceptor lands on the bubble and the AWA tacklers all go to warp.  1-2-3-4-5, GONE!

Boom!  The last of the torpedoes finish the Drake as the rest of his rescuers land in the bubble.  80M.


An OUCH student miss clicks a tactical warp and lands in the bubble.  There goes the clean kill.

Get him!!! 

They pop the Rifter.  800K.  Thankfully, the kid’s trained enough to get his pod out.


Ah well.  I guess sometimes, you eat the bear and sometimes, the bear eats you.

Minus one.