Bitter Vet Syndrome, CCP Style

Plus one.

I’ve made reference to the concept that everyone is roleplaying the same asshole in Eve more than once.  I’m more and more convinced that this is CCPs intent.

CCP:  We love Drama.

Art of War Alliance used to be blue with Waterboard.  One of the factors that made it easy for OUCH to move our base from Derelik to deeper into Curse was the fact that they flew out there.  We were in an epic battle with WTB, where all the Denizans of Curse took on a White Noise capital fleet, resulting in my first and only Capital kill:  An Aeon!  We flew with a few pilots of their pilots here and there, but soon afterwards, they moved to SOV and left us to our own devices.  After a while, we dropped standings with all of our blues.

What’s the use in being blue with people you don’t actually see?

But The Flaming Sideburns left Waterboard and SOV and came back to Curse.  We hung out, made them blue again, and they joined AWA for a while until the desire to play the SOV game reared it’s ugly head and they moved on.

I like to think of Adeptus Mecanicus as my own personal booster dealer.  The Flaming Sideburns do PvP, but they do PvE stuff too, and are well known for their “illicit drug” manufacturing.

You need Boosters?  I know a guy.

Every so often, I check the recruit threads of a few corps, one of whom is The Flaming Sideburns.  I call Adeptus the only guy in Waterboard that still likes me.  Occasionally I say, “Hi” to him on his recruit thread, and he does the same on Open University of Celestial Hardship’s.  So when I checked his thread today, I was shocked to see this post.

“Friendly bumps”, also known as bumping by characters who are not the original poster is not allowed. Locking for 24 hours to prevent a further bump.

CCP Eterne | Community Representative@CCP_Eterne

The rules for thread bumping can be found here.


Use this channel for alliance and corporation recruiting announcements or to ask recruiters what their requirements are. This is the only channel where recruiting is allowed.

Remember, this channel is for recruiting only. It is not an open forum for discussing the merits (or lack thereof) of a corporation or any of its members. Keep posts on topic.


* Bumping is allowed only by the character who started the thread. If you use another character you will get warned.

* Bumping must consist of a real sentence, not simply the word “bump”. For example, “Recruitment still open” is an acceptable bump.

* Bumping may only be done once per day.
Once per day means that the date has to be different on your post. If you bump 2008.06.15 then your next bump can only be 2008.06.16 and then 2008.06.17. It doesn’t matter when during the day you bump, as long as the date is one day apart. For more information you can read the Thread Bumping Guideline.


*If you hijack a recruitment thread, whether to promote your own recruitment or run it off course with non recruitment related chat, you are liable to receive an off topic warning or a possible ban.

Please respect other peoples’ recruitment threads.

So  I guess The Sideburns broke a posting rule and posted twice today.  And I guess their friends shouldn’t post friendly bumps every couple of weeks.  No help for the tiny corp with really cool guys that could use a couple of good pilots.  I mean, their thread only has less than 15k views.

But I guess it’s okay for Red Vs Blue, the “MOST active PvP corp in Eve” to do the same damn thing on the same day.  Their thread has 100K+ views.  No 24 hour lock for them.

Well, Bren, they are a MAJOR corporation and alliance.

I’m not hating on RvB, cause they are great.  I have a link to their forum here on the blog, advertizing their Noobfleet Training.  And I guess CCP Eterne locked Razor Alliance’s thread today, too.  And CCP did step in once to stop some clown from derailing my recruit thread.  I just wish that CCP would spend the time doing something more constructive than picking on the little guy.

You know, act like you aren’t like all of the other assholes in Eve.

Minus one.