Agony Unleashed – The Halloween Roam

Over a week ago, I was in a cool little bar in New York City’s East Village, drinking bourbon, admiring the ladies in their Halloween costumes.  A few day’s later, I’m pretty sure the bar was underwater.

Nothing like a little natural disaster to put your life in perspective.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Plus one.

So one night, while doing a quick delivery of skill books for a corpmate, I try to point a battlecruiser in my interceptor only to discover that I left my warp disruptor in my other pants.

You remember the scene in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, where Indy faces down some Thuggees and reaches for his revolver, just like he did against the bad guys in Cairo in Raiders of the Lost Ark, but this time the gun is JUST NOT FREAKING THERE?!!??

I know just how he feels.

I love interceptors.  They are like the motorcycles of Eve.  I just feel free flying them.  But I have a bad habit of flying them like they are Rifters and generally, the Eve gods punish me for flying stupid.  This time, I got away and reminded myself to refit that ship.

Halloween night, I’m undocking over in the system next door after putting a couple of rigs on my Ares, when Azual Skoll jumps into local.

Azual Skoll, Tusker.  Former Director of Agony Unleashed’s PvP University.  It’s arguable that he wrote the book on scouting and skirmishing during his time with Agony.  He’s a mentor of OUCH’s own Training Director.  He taught a private interdictor class for Open University of Celestial Hardship a while back.

I wave in local as I reach the outgate.  He waves back.  I tell him in Local to keep that roam away from me, and Local spikes.  One of the first guys in is an OUCH student, flying with the roam.  I call him a <censored> in Local.  He shows good discipline and says nothing.

Laughing, I jump into the next system and warn the boys in the camp:  “Agony’s coming,” I tell them.

“How many?” someone asks.

“All of them,” someone jokes.

I land on a tac on the out gate and align back to the in gate.  Azual jumps into local and the fleet jumps in seconds behind.  Plus 50.  Nice.

Local lights up. “Boo,” “Trick or Treat,” “All your candy belong to us.”  Having not enough tricks or treats for them all, I suggest that our guys get out of their way.  Lots of frigates shoot past me.  Azual is flying…  an Ares… very nice.  They jump through and I warp to the gate and jump in after them.

A few minutes later, they’ve moved on into the next system and I’m chillin’ like a villain on the CL gate when an Incursus jumps in.   He’s a straggler in a ship named “trick or treat”.  He’s more than a match for the Ares, but I’ve got friends in Local and he doesn’t.  I try to grab him, but he warps straight for the outgate.  Damn.

Wait a sec.  I go to warp after him…

… and land in a stop bubble that Gorgon Empire left on the outgate.  He’s 5k away from me, trying to burn for the gate.  I engage.

“Scram on Incursus!” I call out.  The Incursus turns to engage, points me, tracks me.  I’m outside of his gun range and I track him too, but then I play with my orbit and speed to get into gun range.  My blood thirsty OUCH pirates call out that they are in warp.

The scout reports that Agony is on their way back, but it’s too late.  Everyone arrives on grid, gets on the Incursus and we take his ship, his pod, and warp away into the depths of space.  Buh-bye.

If you can find the time to take an Agony Unleashed PvP Basic Class, I highly recommend it.  They do really cool events like this Halloween roam, and once you’re an Agony Alumni, you’re welcome to roam with them anytime they run a Basic Class.

But you might want to get there on time.  Playing catchup with the gang sometimes ends badly.

Minus one.