For Sale: Galactic Empire, 14.95 Per Month

I reread this post and decided I didn’t like it very much, so I edited it. 

Sue me.

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Plus one.

One of the students remarked the other day that they didn’t think that it was fair that Eve Online favored the older player.  I went on to explain that Eve Online, a game, is not about fair.  There is no such thing as fair.

Unlike other MMO’s, Eve has no level cap.  The new player has no hope of grinding experience to catch up the players who have been playing this game years long then they.  For an achievement oriented player, where levels and gear are measures of self worth, Eve is a terrible world to grow up in.  It may take some getting used to.

I mean, Time may be the greatest enemy of the new player.

But a 10 million skill point character can defeat a 100 million skill point character, if the 10 million skill point character has developed his skills properly. The 100 million skill point character is limited by the ship that he is flying at the time.  His millions of skill points in large guns, battle ships, battlecruisers, heavy assault ships, etc, only apply when he is flying the one ship that he can fly at a time.  If the 10 million skill point character is specialized he can win.

See, Eve is fair because the older player is more versatile.  Eve is fair because the older player has more skills and more opportunities than the younger player, but then they’ve also invested more time to get there.  That makes it very fair indeed.  It makes it like real life.

Yes, I know, the younger player can’t fly supercapitals.

Well, that’s not fair, Bren.

Well, if life was fair, we would all be able to buy Microsoft stock well before the Dot Com boom.

The subject came up that it was a shame that there was no sense of honor in Eve.  I said a sense of honor is something that society, or a culture, imparts on individuals, and there is no common culture in Eve that imparts a common Code of Honor.

Social groups form, they make rules of conduct within the social group and develop common bonds based off of common interests.   Honor and dishonor are not common values of the players of Eve.  It’s the concept of the Sandbox, where every player chooses the rules that they want to play by.

In the real world, we are constrained by the rules of the society that we live in. Our culture is that of the world we grow up in.  We choose to follow the rules of society, or we choose not to.  Most of us choose to follow the rules.

The common culture of Eve society is at the corporate level.  Bands of people who develop those common bonds, and work toward common interests.   They gain influence and strength.  They grow.  They acquire wealth and power.

But this too takes Time.

I think I see what the problem is.  If Eve Online was a fair game, it would let new players catch up and build their galactic empire.

Well, if we could just work real hard and put in extra time, we could all get into supercarriers and fight on equal terms in the End Game.

True.  If there was an End Game you could do that.

We could build a galactic empire and challenge the superpowers.

That would be fair, Bren.

I mean, we pay our 14.95 a month, too.

I know.  I know.

Minus one.