So What’s Your Point?

Plus one.

In my previous post, I kind of poked at the concept of “fair and honorable” gameplay in Eve Online.  I tried to explain that both of those concepts are culturally driven and the players of Eve don’t have a common culture driving societal norms toward “fair and honorable”.

It’s more appropriate to describe Eve Online’s culture as “fairly horrible”, Bren.

From the new player’s perspective, I would tend to agree.

But I tried to make another point at the same time.  I tried to show that the game that CCP sells, where one pilot’s actions can affect thousands of players, forging or toppling empires, is false advertising.

CCP is one hell of a used car salesman:  They’ve been selling the same car for a decade now.

You seem to have issues with CCP and the New Player Experience anyway, Bren.

That I do.  A new player cannot change the face of Eve.  They cannot start a new corporation and build it into a superpower.  The superpowers are already built.  The only hope a new player has is to put in the time, develop contacts, build alliances, grow into experienced player, and hopefully, not become a bitter vet in the process.

In rereading my last post, I realized that, in an attempt to be entertaining, I derailed my own post.  So I’ve gone back and cut out the bullshit from ruthlessly edited it.  In the future, I’ll try to stick with telling it like it is, instead of filling space with unnecessary drama.

Minus one.