Eve Online Continuing Education


A couple of weeks ago, I posted about my issues with the Eve Online Educational Organizations page in the Evelopedia.  I had an idea to try to fix it, so I wrote to Kelduum Revaan and Christina Bamar, CEO’s of Eve University and Agony Unleashed respectively, to see if we couldn’t work out some sort of Accreditation Program for organizations that actually teach players something in Eve.

Unfortunately, they haven’t gotten back to me.  I figure that they have to be at least 2 times as busy as I am, dealing with the drama that comes with being a CEO in a major corp or alliance.  Khelduum has the added issues that come with being a member of the Council for Stellar Management (CSM).

To be honest, they have nothing to gain for doing anything to fix the problems that I see in that page.  They are well established institutions.

That being said, I’m putting links on this blog to organizations that I can confirm have an actual program that trains new players how do play Eve.  Accredited by Art of War Alliance, so to speak.

We’re not putting up links to any organization that’s “join us and we’ll teach you” or “we teach by doing”, but organizations or individual players that actually teach, lecture, or coach.  If you can’t show someone how to do it, and explain why to do it that way, we’re not interested.

That being said, if you know of an organization that teaches, shoot me a mail and let me know.  If you’re the real deal, I’ll put you on the list.

If you’re someone who’s joined an organization that didn’t live up to your expectations, let me know about that, too.

I’ve already put Eve Uni and Agony on the list.  While Eve Uni isn’t PvP driven, they do a lot to help new players sift through the tons of info on the internet and actually learn stuff.  They have lectures and actually interact with new players:  They educate.  And while Agony isn’t a training organization per se, they actually train players in PvP.  OUCH’s training program is very similar, albeit a little more formal.

Today, I’ve added Azual Skoll (The Altruist) to the list.  He has a private instruction program where he is teaching individual and small gang techniques.  The former driector of Agony Unleashed’s PvP U, Azual is the real deal.

And I believe inspired by Azual, Taurean Eltanin (Flight of Dragons) is offering private 1v1 PvP training.  He’s a pilot who has been working his way into PvP the old fashioned way, using the school of hard knocks technique, but he’s been kind enough to leave a trail of lessons learned behind him to benefit others. He’s new at this, but he’s looking good so far.  I think that he’ll find teaching to be a learning experience.

Lastly, I’ve put Sard Caid (Broadside) Twitch TV stream on the list.  Sard’s doing solo pvp live and interacting with the viewers, explaining what he’s doing and why, and answering questions from the audience.  He’s the real deal, too.

There are people out there trying to give the new player, or the older player, help in gaining a new experience.    Art of War Alliance and Open University of Celestial Hardship are doing our small part.

It’s like eating an elephant.  You do it one bite at a time, but it helps if you bring friends.

See you on the bubble.

Bren Genzan