For the Good of the Game

Plus one.

The other night, we engaged a NC Dot gang in our training system.  Five ships: 3 Assault Ships, an Interdictor and a Frigate, trying to get a couple of our guys,  a Rifter and a Harpy, to engage them.  When I jump in system, NC Dot  is on the gate, my guys are on tacs.  There's a dictor bubble up, but it's a big gate and I am way outside it.  I warp to a tac and cloak up.

What are you flying, one of my guys asks.

Falcon, I reply.

Want to kill these guys?


Our Harpy pilot goes for a tackle on a Wolf, and grabs him.  Rifter pilot warps in to assist.  The bad guys warp in on the fight, too.  I decloak.  A Jag and a Harpy burn for me with murderous intent.  I commence gathering tears in local.

With a fight starting up, my corpmates next door all start undocking and heading to the fight.  When more of our guys show up, the NC guys bug out,  the Wolf just a wreck on the field.

My manhood is questioned in Local.  I'm used to it.  Still, it amazes me.  These guys saw me jump in system.  They tried to catch me on the gate.  They knew I was in a Falcon, and somehow, they expected me to just watch while they took on my corpmates in a 5 to 2 fight.  At least that's the impression I got.  They seemed upset that I didn't let them gank my buddies.

One of their guys gets me in a philosophic mood.  He questions the validity of the use of ECM, explains to me that it's really not Good for the Game to use ECM.  I agree.  I tell him I'm sorry that I didn't give him a good fight.

I asked him if using Scrams is Good for the Game.  Just something to think about.

A minute or so later, a Falcon lands in the bubble.  My fleet commences to take it down, but it's tanky.  Hmmm?  The cyno lights and a 40 man HAC and BC gang jumps in on my frigate and cruiser fleet.  Why So Serious.  I jam the Falcon and a half dozen OUCH cruisers and frigates all warp to safes.

That's normal to us:  Large gangs trying to gank small ones.  Battlecruisers trying to kill frigs.  Bait Drakes.  Black Ops drops.  Titan bridges.  We deal with them every week.  But in Curse, small gangs pick off large gangs, ship by ship.  OUCH pilots have become experts at escape and evasion, killing ships and vanishing into the depths without a trace.

Null Sec Survival.

We could play the game the way everyone else does.  Honorably.  Just damage dealers and healers.  No ECM.

We just don't.

We'd rather kill more, and die less.

Minus one.