So, Do You Come Here Often?

Plus one.

I’ve just finished Gallente Cruisers 5.  Couple of weeks ago, I finished Amarr Cruisers 5.  This is a milestone for me, because now finally have access to all of the Recon Ships, Heavy Assault Ships and Logistics Ships in the game.  I really can fly everything in the game smaller than a Battleship.

Well, except Strategic Cruisers, Bren.

Thanks.  I see you’re always there for me.

Before this, I never has a desire to fly an Arazu.  I think the Curse and the Pilgrim are two of the most beautiful ships in New Eden, but I never actually thought I would buy one.  Flying the Deimos, or the Zealot never appealed to me much.  I mean, I can fly Caldari and Minmatar Heavy Assault Ships, I just choose not to.  The performance to cost ratio never seemed right to me.

But have you actually seen what a Retribution has done to the T1 Cruisers?  Cruisers 5 in all races is a moral imperative.

See, the new Attack Cruisers are calling me.

The Stabber and I already had a relationship.  Even when she was under gunned, I had a thing for her, because she was so fast.  I was never embarrassed to fly her like a Super Rifter, filling a heavy tackle role on many occasions.

One night, I got blown clean into structure, and warped off to get off grid reps.  Then I warped back in to make a critical tackle on a battle cruiser.  Yay me!  A few minutes later, I was back in structure at the repper, but the BC was a wreck on the field.  I started shield tanking after that, though.

My Stabber doesn’t seem to have changed much, ‘cept now she has more teeth.  She was sexy, but I played the field.  Occasionally, I’d take out a HAM Caracal, not as fast, but she was a good time.  Now both of them are faster, tankier, and gankier.

Better than they were before.  Better.  Stronger.  Faster.

So now I’m looking at the Thorax like she’s that skinny redhead from high school that blossoms during her first year in college.  Curves in all the right places.

Shield tank?  Medium Ion Blasters?  That’s what I’m talking about.

Oh, who is that blond sitting next to her?   Hello, gorgeous.  You’re an Omen?  Damn.  Can I get your number, baby?  I got some medium laser skills.   Pulse lasers.

We could have a good time, you know what I’m saying?

Minus one.