The Agony Holiday Hangover Roam

Plus one.

Agony Unleashed is one of my favorite organizations in Eve.  They are a PvP corporation, first and foremost, but they provide basic and advanced PvP training through their PvP University.  They are one of the handful of organizatons that actively teach people their part of Eve, encouraging people to make the great step to into Eve PvP.

I’m an Agony Alumni, having completed the Basic and Wolfpack courses, as well as a private Interdictor course with Azual Skoll, so I can honestly recommend to them pilots who are looking to gain a little more of the Eve experience.  Their PvP basic course is taught every month or so, a four hour seminar followed by a roam to give the new pilot a chance to die in a fire.  Works out for a good time.  Alumni are invited to join on the Agony training roams to help make it a repeatable experience.

We encourage OUCH staff to go through the Agony Courses and join the Alumni Roams, for their own personal development.  For my part, it’s a chance to roam in a large gang and not have to worry about being in charge.   But there are not a lot of Agony Alumni in OUCH, and I don’t want to leave my corpmates while I gallivant about with Agony, so I tend to stay home with the boys, and complain that they haven’t worked on their professional development.

But this Christmas, Greygal, the head of Agony’s PvP University, invited OUCH to come and join them on their Holiday Hangover Alumni Roam.  So we jumped in our Tier 2 destroyers and met them in Berta, and headed back out to our home region of Curse.

The night started off well, we took down a -A- Dramiel in Doril and two jumps later we engaged a gang of Gallente ships in Hemin.

Outbreak.  In Exequors.

That must have went well.

I love Outbreak.  They are among the best, if not the best, small gang pvpers in New Eden, regularly taking on fleets many times their size and coming out on top.  I have a half dozen friends, mentors and associates who are all ex-0utbreak guys.  Outbreak’s not just good, they are damn good.  I’ve been flying against them for over 2 years, Utopia being their traditional home in Curse, and I’ve been on their both sides of their killboard a few times.

Hell, they are probably one of the reasons I became an ECM pilot.

They took out 3 OUCH destroyers and the same number of the Agony folks before we decided that 5 Exequors were fit with enough repping power to keep 20 or so destroyers at bay.  Not to mention the 25 Hammerhead IIs bringing enough damage to do the job.

Sounds like they gave you a PvP lesson.  

A little one.  But it was a great fight anyway.

So we reshipped and moved on, got into a little scrap with Why So Serious in RMOC that resulted in kills on 2 Ruptures, a Vagabond and a Cyclone.  I ended up burning for a Scythe to chase it off the field, using tracking disruption to limit the damage on our fleet.  Again, a great fight.

For a while there, I thought I might get through another night with Agony without losing a ship, but when we went to Providence, I lost my Corax against a Sev3rance gang.   Ah well.  Then I jumped my pod into the middle of an interdictor bubble on the way back.

Damn.  3000 meters from the edge of the bubble.  Might as well be a light year.

Under gate cloak, I open my character sheet and click on my Augmentations tab.

People love to see expensive Pods.  I know I do.

Unplug?  Yes.  Unplug?  Yes.  Unplug?  Yes.  Unplug?  Yes.  Decloak.  Pointed.  Boom.

You are so mean, Bren.

Achievement Unlocked:  Happiness Stolen.

You really don’t play well with others, Bren.

I play fine with the people on my side, thank you very much.  I’m just not interested in a shared Eve experience with the guys who are podding me.

All in all, we had a great night, thanks to Greygal and Agony for having us along.  We’re all looking forward to the next night of madness and mayhem.

Maybe I’ll do that New Year’s Noobship Roam they are planning.  Sounds like fun.

Minus one.