Doing It the Hard Way

Plus one.

Day 1:  We accept a new pilot into Open University.  He has limited PvP experience.  That’s normal.  OUCH pretty much accepts anyone that understands English.  Last year, we had a student from the PRC that was playing Eve and learning English at the same time.  That was interesting.  One of our guys could speak a little Mandarin, but the student would have none of that:  he wanted to practice his English.  We made do.

This new student chatted us up on OUCH-UNI, our public channel.  We’ve got a link to our forum there that has plenty of information about our program and the corp rules.  He seemed nice enough and we’re pretty newbie friendly, so he decided to join.

Since OUCH expects to recruit students who have very little Eve experience, we send them a detailed Evemail with the things to do to get them set up in OUCH.  Our Welcome Mail details a list of things that the student should do to get into corp, into TS and into classes as quickly and seamlessly as possible.  The beginning of the Welcome Mail is posted below:

You can’t wait to get started. We understand that. However, you’ll find that OUCH is a very carefully managed training experience that requires a good amount of reading BEFORE you do anything else. Take the time to digest the way we do things, which you will find detailed on our forums, but first read and abide by the following rule (we will assume you have done so):

Rule 1: You are NOT allowed to be in lowsec or nullsec (0.0) or engage in any sort of PvP until you have reached various stages in your OUCH training.

Until you have read the regs in the forum you can assume only ship you’re allowed to fly is a T1 frigate.

Then we ask them to register on the forum and request student access, read the rules and regulations of the Training Department, create a Student Folder where we can track their progress, download and set up Teamspeak, move to our High Sec headquarters and build training frigates and review the training schedule.

When they get into the forum, and read the regs, they learn that the T1 frigate restriction is only for null sec and low sec.  We aren’t trying to make them mine and mission in T1 frigates.  Our rules are only in place to minimize the student’s losses while we teach them the tools we think they need to survive in null and low sec.

Seems pretty reasonable to me.

Of course it does, but that’s cause you’re a reasonable guy.

Day 2:  The same student logs 15 minutes before a training session, and asks in Corp Chat where training is going to be.  They tell him.  He’s 20 odd jumps out, but he’s on the way.  The instructor tells him that that’s fine, they will wait for him, just get into Teamspeak.

What’s Teamspeak, he asks?

Did you read the Welcome Mail?

Yeah, I did, but then I went out 15 mins later.  I haven’t had a chance to do the stuff in the mail.

So the guys walk him through and get him into TS and into the first class as painlessly as possible.

Day 3:  New student logs into game and TS and tells the instructors online that he is on his way out to null sec to join the fleet.  They remind him that he has to finish the next class before he can come out to null.  He tells them that he just wants to shoot stuff and heads on out anyway.

He was a little obnoxious.  He may have been drinking.  Who knows.

Surprisingly enough, he makes it out to the training system.  He is patiently refused access to the fleet and told to go back to high sec.  He tells them that they are being unfair.  While his instructors are trying to talk him down off the ledge, a not-so-friendly Incursus pilot comes by starts to go for his Rifter.  The student is told to go to a safe.

What’s a safe, he asks?

Then he’s scrammed and webbed and the Incursus pilot helps him out of his Rifter.  Rinse and repeat for his capsule.

9 million for the ship.  22 million for the capsule.

Now he’s angry.  He tells the instructors that he’s coming back out in a Hurricane to go after the guy that got his ship.  One of the instructors tries to salvage him and reminds him again that he is not allowed to be in null sec until he’s completed the next session of his training.

Then the OUCH Chief of Staff logs in.  The instructors fill him in.  The offending student is expelled from the program.  That simple.

Fifteen minutes later, the pilot loses his Hurricane and his pod in Hemin.

68 million for the ‘Cane.  At least the pod was clean.

Rumor has it he paid 15 billion for that account.

So I’ve been told.

Look, OUCH will train anyone that asks to be trained.  We provide this service because we like to teach.  We hope that we’re encouraging people to come out to null sec and try out PvP.  It’s a free service.  We just ask that people follow the rules of the corp during the short time that they are with us.  After a student completes the course, they’re free to blaze all the trails that they feel the need to blaze.

But to play with us in null, you have to actually take the training.  I mean, if you want to do it on your own, without teachers and mentors, why join a training corp?

You could do it the hard way from an NPC corp, know what I mean?

Minus one.