On the Bright Side

Plus one.

Proposed Battlecruiser changes generating a lot of churn on the Eve forums and Eve blogs:  the Hurricane is about to be totally kicked out of its spot as Best Small Gang PvP Battlecruiser and the Drake kicked out of its spot as Best Large Fleet PvP Battlecruiser.

Overall, CCP is nerfing the Drake and the ‘Cane a little bit and buffing the other t1 and t2 (tier not Tech) BCs a little, and the tears are flowing.

A lot of people are emotionally attached to their ship of choice.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Drakes and ‘Canes too.  When CCP made changes to heavy missiles, I was more than a little PO’d.  But my problem was that I was witnessing a change to a module that really was a nerf on a ship that, to be honest, wasn’t even considered a good ship for PvP.

Well, at least until the CFC and HBC started putting hundreds of pilots in them.

When I started Eve three years ago, I chose Caldari.  I just liked their lore and loved how the ships looked.  I was told by my friends to get in a Drake for PvE and use it to make money to afford my ships.  I spent a lot of time in Drakes doing missions and farming rats.  Then when got into PvP, I was told that my Caldari ships really didn’t make the cut.

 Caldari or PvP:   Choose one.

Exactly.  I was told that I needed to fly Minmatar and get into Rifters, Ruptures and Hurricanes, because missiles were terrible for PvP.  I needed projectiles.  Even my trusty Manticore was substandard to the Hound.  So I did.  I never got my T2 hybrid skills, I just had missiles and projectiles and they served me well.

Funny thing, Bren, you seem to fly a lot of Caldari ships.

That’s called “irony”.

Eventually though, I started running out of stuff to train, or I wanted to fly this ship or that ship, so I started to complete my cross training.   This winter, I finished cross training into Gallente and Amarr ships.  And with Retribution, I finally had a reason to train T2 Heavy Assault Missiles.

Right on time.

Absolutely.  I like having choices.  2 years ago, if you wanted to fly a battlecruiser and be competitive, you had to fly a ‘Cane, flavored Nano, Arti or AC.  Then players figured out that a ship with medium damage that is hard to take off the field works for PvP, too, and the Drakefleet doctrine was born.

But that’s just two choices; you should be able to fly anything you want.

I just don’t understand all of the crying, especially from the veterans.  They’re acting like the sky is falling because they can’t use the Hurricane as a one-size-fits-all ship anymore.  CCP is taking away some of the Hurricane’s versatility and flexibility:  the things that made it a superior ship.

The things that made it Overpowered.


If you fly smaller stuff, you’ve seen this already.  The Rifter and the Rupture lost the top spots in their classes, too.  Ship balancing means leveling the playing field, and in the interest of the bigger picture, you can’t balance by just boosting the weaker ships.  There has to be a balance between the factions, true, but there also has to be a balance between Cruisers and Heavy Assault Ships, Heavy Assault Ships and Battlecruisers, and Battlecruisers and Command Ships.

Sniff.  So no more Winmattar?

The Stabber’s a winner in my opinion.  I’ve been flying Moas, Stabbers, and Thoraxes more, they’re that much better.  One of our pilots has fallen in love with the Omen.   I remember trying to build one a year ago.  I ended up repackaging it and putting it back in a can of unfit ships.  Now, I’m looking at lasers again.

They are kind of sexy. Rowr.

For the new player, ship balancing means that you can stay with your starting factions’ ships and still compete.  You don’t need train for a Rifter if you can already fly an Incursus.  You don’t need to train for a Rupture if you can already fly a Maller.  And soon, you won’t need train to fly a Hurricane (or a Drake) if you can already fly a Brutix or a Harbinger.  You can just fly what you like.

For a guy like me, with T2 medium turret and launcher skills across all factions, and the ability to fly all BCs with T2 fittings, it’s even better:   6 more ships just got added into my toolbox.

I just love the idea that we have choices, and CCP is making it so you don’t have to sacrifice performance to make that choice.

Now, where did I leave that Prophecy?  I got a stack of T2 HAMS that are going to need a home.

Minus one.