BB44: If It Ain’t Broke

Plus one.

Eve Blog Banter #44 discusses removal of Local chat.  I’ve got a soap box.  My corpmates really hate when I get on my soapbox.  They will tell you that Bren is completely unafraid to tell you what he thinks.  So the idea of “fixing” Local chat?

I hate it.

I spend a lot of time hanging out with a bunch of really smart guys who frequently dream up really cool ideas that would make Eve better.  We all fly with those guys, right?  But for every great idea that you can dream up, there is a guy who is going to use it to ruin your game in some other way.

Wouldn’t it be cool to be able to see your bookmarks if they were on grid with you?  Then if someone landed on a gate tactical, near your bookmark, you could wrap in on them and BAM, surprise mother –BOOP-!

Or they could warp in on you.

Wouldn’t it be neat if you could kamikaze your ship into someone else’s and they take damage?

That depends.  How many exploding rookie ships do YOU think it should take to destroy YOUR Cynabal?

Most people with really cool ideas usually don’t like the idea of someone using their really cool idea against them.

So I can sit here and list reasons why losing Local is bad for PvErs trying not to get ganked, PvPers trying not to get ganked and PvPers trying to get ganks.  I can see all three sides of the coin.  I could explain in detail how a 20 man fleet can avoid making a large spike to jump and wipe out a 10 man fleet, who would have avoided them if they could, in turn get wiped out by a 50 man fleet while they are looting the 10 man fleet’s wrecks.

CCP will be happy.  More ships will be destroyed.

Sit in a cloaked ship in null or low sec and watch the gangs fly through sometime.   They’re looking for fights and frequently, 2 gangs will miss each other by one jump.

Could be worse.

Yeah, can you imagine being in the same system and totally missing the other gang?

Where’d they go?

Where’d who go?

Some find the immediate feedback of local a hindrance to their game.  Some find it a help.  But at least everyone has it, it’s even.  It doesn’t discriminate.  The new player doesn’t have to skill up to use it for intel, he just has to be taught what information you can gather from it.

Would you suggest a new player go into a wormhole on their Week One in Eve?  I wouldn’t.  They aren’t ready for an environment like that. But some want to make K-space local chat more like W-space.

You could fly around with Local minimized for a while and see if you really like life without it.

The core reason I’m against removing Local from K-space is the same reason I don’t spend a lot of time in W-space. W-space is lonely and spinning Dcan every few seconds is a tedious exercise in paranoia.

I admit, sometimes, I jump into an interceptor and fly deep into null.  I find it the spiritual equivalent of riding a motorcycle (or driving a car) merely for the joy of the ride.   For a half dozen or dozen jumps:  nothing but stars and space.

Suddenly, there’s someone in Local, and I realize, once again, that I’m not the only player playing Eve.

And that’s the point.  Eve is a multiplayer game.  Whether I use Local to talk, or use it for intel, it’s a clear indication that I’m playing a multiplayer game.  And if I’m not alone, I have to be on my toes, change the way I’m playing.  I have to act, or react in some way, even if I’m a solo pver who never interacts with anyone in game except to buy and sell on the market.  I can ignore it at my own peril.    Whether the guy that I’m playing against is smack talking me to death, giving me a good fight, or saying nothing, I’ve got immediate feedback that I’m paying 15 bucks a month to play a game with potentially 40 thousand people at a time.

Really, where I live, we know all the locals.  When we’re not shooting at each other, we talk:

You guys get anything tonight?

Nope.  Quiet as a church.

Local helps enemies become adversaries and adversaries sometimes become friends.  Friends are a reason to keep playing Eve.

Eve veterans already have friends.   Noobs?  Screw ‘em.

We all know that in order for Eve to grow, we have to encourage new players, right?  We know that new players are what’s going to help Eve grow?  Aren’t Eve players already antisocial enough?  Isn’t Eve the hardest MMO ever?  Why does it have to be harder?

Local’s not broken, so don’t fix it.  Get rid of it, and we all might as well be playing just another single player computer game.

Well, I didn’t want that internet anyway.

Me neither.

Minus one.