Sard Caid is Back

Break Break.

I pointed out a few months back that Sard Caid of Gunpoint Diplomacy was running a stream on Twitch TV.  Highly recommended for new and veteran players to watch, not just because you get to see excellent solo and small gang fights, but because when Sard streams live, it’s interactive.  He chats with the audience, answering questions and explaining things as he goes about his business.

Killing is my business ladies…  and business is good.

Well, unfortunately for us, Sard took a little vacation from Eve to play Planetside 2.  If I had a nickle for every time I’ve told that to someone in TS, I’d probably have a dollar.

I check Sard’s stream page frequently (If you use twitter, you can follow him there) and patiently waited for him to come back to Eve.  I mean, he wouldn’t just quit right?  All these cool new changes to frigates and cruisers?  Has he seen what they did to the Thorax and the Omen?

Resistance is futile.

I check today and, lo and behold, I find videos of Sard streaming, testing his brand new high end gaming computer last night.  He’s setting up his client and plans to be up running his stream again this weekend.

Yay, Eve!

Welcome back Sard Caid, your fans missed you.

Well, some of them anyway.  I use tracking enhancers.