Sorry For Your Loss

Plus one.

Let me tell you the story of Chaotic Past.

It’s Saturday afternoon and Chaotic Past finds himself flying an Orca.

In Curse:  a dangerous region of null sec space.

We call it “Home”.

Perhaps he was in a wormhole and left it to go put some things on the market.  Perhaps he saw a really great deal on an Orca contract and figured that he could run out real quick and pick it up, and flip it in high sec.  We’ll never know for sure.

But from the observers point of view, Chaotic Past is almost certainly heading for empire.  He makes his way into the Curse pipe and comes across a system with no stations, but 10 pilots in local, all in the same corp.  He makes a safe and cloaks up.  Probably goes AFK to grab a drink and watch a movie.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

Saturday night, I log in game, grab a drink, read the forum, join the fleet, ask what I’m flying tonight?  I get in a ship and join the boys in our training camp.   OUCH pilots like to know stuff, so we’re known to ask a lot of questions.  And since I don’t like unknown neutrals in Local, I ask the guys, who is Chaotic Past?

Orca pilot.

Orca pilot?

Yep.  He’s cloaked up in here someplace.


Yep.  We’ve asked him nicely to come here and let us kill him, but he isn’t cooperating.

So we go through the night watching Chaotic Past watch us.  We plot and plan all sorts of wickedness.    Sometimes he logs out.  Then he logs in again a hour or so later.  We presume he’s checking to see if we have moved on.

After a while, he kind of blends into the background like a chameleon. We almost forget he exists.


Sunday night.  I log in game, grab a drink, read the forum, join the fleet, ask what I’m flying tonight?  I get in a ship and get told fantastic news.

We got that Orca.



Nice.  It’s not on the kill board.

That’s because it’s in Bart’s hanger.


Well, that’s delightful.

So it seems during the handful of times that Chaotic Past logged in out, my pirates were using the directional scanner to figure out his general location.  When he logged in and cloaked up on Sunday afternoon, they had locked him down within a couple AU, and they happened to have probes out in the general vicinity.  They grabbed his safe spot and warped onto him.  Then they swarmed around and decloaked him.

Scram. Web.  Should we ransom?

With everyone in system en-route to get a piece of the Orca, Chaotic Past wisely jumped of his ship.  He probably had a billion isk mining implant installed, and losing that would have added insult to injury.  But now my fellows have to make a critical decision.

Do we kill a billion ISK ship or do we steal it?

That Orca is going to look so good on the KB, but really, it’s a no-brainer.

An OUCH Orca pilot jumps in to local, warps in, boards the ship and is escorted back home.  Some money changes hands.  Some Thank You’s are traded.  All is right in the world.

The best stories in Eve are stories of great gain or great loss.

But they don’t always end with a killmail.

Minus one.