The Good Work

Plus one.

Let me preface this by saying that the story my Saturday playing Eve ended with me in my clone bay after tackling a Heavy Interdictor in NPC Null sec.


Yeah.  Solo HICs in Curse are almost absolutely bait ships.  Heavily tanked and fit with cynos, they are the premier tool for large gangs that like to hotdrop with Titans.  So warping to this guy and trying to tackle him was not the brightest move.  Still, I was having a good day and traffic was light, and I was hoping to catch the HIC off guard, and maybe wipe him out before his fleet was ready to jump into us.

Didn’t quite work out as planned.

That being said, I can tell you about the cool part of the Saturday.  I joined the fleet and asked what I should fly, and the FC said that a DPS cruiser would be nice.  I have several cruisers fit and ready to go, I decide to get in my Thorax because she puts out a good amount of damage at face punching ranges.

And we sit.  We catch a pod.  A frig.  Oooooh.   A stealth bomber.  Aaaaah.  Low hanging fruit.  Nothing juicy.  No fights.  I’ve taken over as FC when a pair of Red Alliance rookie ships jump in system.

An Ibis and a Velator.


The Velator lands.  We grab him.  The Ibis lands.  We grab him.  My ‘dictor pilot asks if I want a bubble.   Sure, I say.  He puts a bubble up.  We pop the Velator.  Everyone on the pod?  Send him home.  Pop.  Rinse and repeat for the Ibis.  Everyone on the pod?  Send him.  Pop.

A couple of minutes later, there’s a Fatal Ascension HAC gang next door and one FA in local.  When the Helios decloaks in the bubble, we grab him.  Local spikes.  We pop the Helios and scatter to safes.

While we are on safes, killmails get linked in fleet chat.



Look at this pod.

No way.

Yes, that is a 2.4 billion isk capsule.  Yes, he was flying gate to gate in an unfit Velator in NPC null sec space.

You don’t see that every day.



Look at the second pod.

No way.

Yes, that is a 5.2 billion isk capsule.   Yes, he was flying gate to gate in an cyno fit Ibis in NPC null sec space.


So when a 90 million isk Dram is taken an hour later and gives up a 220 million isk pod, it’s no big deal.


2 pilots with almost 8 billion isk in implants, flying rookie ships gate to gate in null sec.  We can theorize, but we really don’t know what these guys were thinking.  Probably don’t really want to know anyway.

It’s like Vizzini said, “Inconceivable!” 

All we can do is encourage our customers to keep doing what they are doing.

So keep up the good work guys.    Thank you, and please, come again.

Minus one.