Punishment Fitting the Crime

Today, Ripard Teg on Jester’s Trek was discussing the latest and greatest topic of discussion among the blogs, forums and CSM candidates:  The Safety of High Sec.

There are those (carebears) who would argue that high sec is not safe enough.  There are those (gankers) who would say that high sec is too safe.

My stance on the issue is simple:  I think that high sec gankers are bullies.  If you pick on someone that can’t defend themselves, you’re a dick.  If you drive someone out of the game because your sandbox is kicking over someone else’s sand castles in high sec, you’re killing Eve, one subscription at a time.  It’s pretty simple.


Yeah, there’s a caveat.  I think that if Eve is supposed to be real, then gankers need to exist.  It goes along with the thought that I think that it’s wrong to burn the symbol of my country but I’ll defend the right to burn it.

Even if it kills the game.

So is high sec too safe?  No.  People can be ganked.  Is high sec not safe enough?  No.
It’s not easy to gank expensive stuff or people who take precautions.  Non-consentual pvp with no war declaration exists, although as an aside, I think the war declaration system is still broken.

That’s a different story.

You can gank in High Sec.  Yes, it’s harder gank a valuable target solo, but I’m okay with that.  My problem is I don’t think the punishment fits the crime.

Negative security status is an inconvenience, not a punishment.

If the real world was like Eve, a person would be driving a brand new Mercedes S class, blinged out like a billion isk Tengu, and someone would crash a 15 year old Buick into the side of it at 60 miles an hour, knocking it off the road.  The cops would show up almost immediately and blow up the Buick.  The Buick driver would jump out and wander down the road.  The cops would let him get away.  A pickup truck would pull up next to the Mercedes wreck and a guy would hop out.  Quickly and efficiently, and under the nose of the cops, he would strip the Mercedes of everything of value.

If Eve was real, right after that ganker’s Buick got blown up and he’d be running down the road, and the cops would be on his ass.  He’d have a short time where he’d have to keep moving and avoid discovery or the cops would catch him and lock him up, or pod him for running.

Don’t make me run, Motherf<Boop>!

And when that second guy came over to strip the Mercedes, the cops would jump on his ass for effing with their crime scene.

Crimewatch is still broken.  Security status is meaningless.  Suspect flags are meaningless.  Bounty system is meaningless.  Selling kill rights are meaningless.

If while under a criminal flag, you couldn’t dock and had to run from all the cops (even in a pod) in the region until you:  a) left their jurisdiction (the region), or b) they caught and podded you, or c) after a suitable amount of time, they got bored and went back to their donuts (and you changed flags from criminal to suspect) then Eve would be real.

And high sec would be a whole lot more exciting.

Minus one.