Fast Food

Plus one.

So the other day, I had about ten minutes in between life and life to log in and play Eve.

Not a lot of time.

Nope, but I jump in TS to at least talk to my homies while I check my Evemail, and, well, what do you know, I hear the boys talking all tactical.

What’s up, I ask?

Playing gate games with a couple of unfriendly battlecruisers.

Where they at?

In system with you, on the in gate.

As usual, I’m in a Falcon. Not the most appropriate ship for this mission. I slip out of the Falcon and get in a Hawk. Seems too small to take on a pair of BCs, even with backup right next door. I try on a Stabber Fleet Issue. Too Boo Coo. Might scare them off.

We don’t want that.

OUCH pilots love the Merlin, I’ve posted our fits here before. In the old days, those of us that upgraded to T2 always flew Hawks: AB / Scram / Tank / Dual Web.

Rockets, of course. In the old days, way back before Crucible at least, hybrid-using Caldari were a rare breed.

One of my bros retired from the life of a large SOV alliance BC/BS/capital pilot this past year. He came out to Curse to hang with our crew, and we introduced to the joys of frigate flying. We gave him a T1 Meta 0 Merlin. No T2 guns, definitely no rigs.

He took down a lot of ships in that Merlin. He upgraded the guns and the tank, started calling it the “best ship in the game”, that is, until he fell in love with the Harpy.

 Harpy, Chaser Tackle

Light Neutron Blaster II x 3

Limited 1MN Microwarpdrive

J5B Warp Scrambler

Medium F-SB Shield Extender

EM Ward Field II

Damage Control II

Micro Auxiliary Power Core I

Overdrive Injector II

Small Anti-EM Screen Reinforcer I

Small Anti-Explosive Reinforcer I

Fleet fit, he’s probably taken thousand ships with that ship this year. It’s deceptive. I presume that most of our adversaries don’t give it a second thought, right up until they’re getting their tail kicked in.

The Harpy is, like, the best ship in the game, dude.

So I jump into the “best ship in the game” undock and warp right to the in gate. I land 5k off of the Hurricane, lock him up: Scram on Hurricane. I orbit the ‘Cane as both BC’s lock me up.

Come on fellas, it’s only a frigate. You can do it.

When the ‘Cane drops below 70 percent shields, they both engage me. I announce they’ve agressed and the cavalry jumps in.

Tally ho!

I’m tanking the ‘Cane and his drones pretty well. When the Drakes drones and missiles cross the distance, things start looking a little rough. I wait, my shields degrade and I go into armor. I hold the ‘Cane until I hear that there’s another tackler on him. Then I align, turn on my MWD and burn away, shooting over my shoulder, dragging the Hurricane’s warriors away with me. The Drake’s drones don’t follow: they are heading back to mama.

The fleet takes down the ‘Cane. Boom. The Drake is trying to deagress and jump out, but he’s scrammed and webbed. My shields are regenerating, covering up armor that looks like Swiss cheese. I tell myself that I should be okay, and head back in to help finish the Drake. Boom.

Then real life rears its head again and I have to go. I thank my mates and warp back to station to dock up and repair. 2 battlecruisers. Not a bad for ten minutes of play.

Almost as easy as picking up Micky Dee’s at the drive-thru.

I’m lovin’ it.

Minus one.