Where You Came From

Plus one.

I’ve previously stated that I think the biggest hurdle that new players have to overcome, that the biggest threat to the care and feeding of new players, is veteran players.  I used to believe that it was simply because veterans prey on new players, like the bitter vet who suggests that a new player looking to save a little cash should check out the market in Ammamake.

Make sure your clone is up to date.

But even though I think I am right on that score, I realize that it’s not the veterans who prey on newbies that are the main problem.  It’s the misinformation from veterans helping newbies under the heading of tips, guides and advice that comes back to hurt the new player.  Information that is out of date, no longer applicable, or just out and out wrong.

I work with new players every day and I’ve come to the conclusion I’ve forgotten what it’s like to be a noob.  I always have to remind myself that there are a lot of little things that I take for granted that a new player has no freaking clue about.  These things are so trivial and yet so important.

Picture if you will:  You’re a relatively new player, playing now for about five weeks.  You’ve done your share of lower level missions, saved up your pennies, learned how to play the game.  You’re in your brand new Drake battle cruiser doing your first level 4 mission and the NPCs are kicking your butt.  For the first time ever you might lose your ship if you don’t do something RIGHT NOW.  You decide to warp out.  You right click in space and try to warp back to the entrance of the mission.

Forces around you prevent you from going into warp.

You maneuver.  Your ship is into armor now.  You’re still trying to warp out.  You’re screaming at your computer when you finally lose your ship.

Stupid Freaking Game!!!!

Then you’re screaming again when you can’t warp your capsule out either, waiting for the NPCs to target you and take your pod.  But they don’t.  Your heart stops racing.

You announce in corp chat that you lost your ship:  you couldn’t get to warp.  Someone asks you what happened.  You tell your story, and everyone chimes in:

  • Were you trying to warp to a celestial, or to the mission gate?
  • Mission gate.
  • You can’t do that.  Forces prevent warps inside of the mission area.
  • LOL
  • Dude, you should have warped to a celestial.
  • What were you flying?
  • Drake.
  • Should have been able to do a L4 in a Drake, your skills must suck.
  • Get a Raven, much better mission boat than a Drake.
  • Nah, get a Domi.  Can’t be beat.
  • Two Words: Ten Goo.
  • Didn’t they change the AI?  I think L4s are much harder now.
  • Dunno, I haven’t done L4s in a Drake in a long freaking time.
  • Bummer dude.
  • You know what they say: don’t fly what you can’t afford to lose!

That’s the discussion in every NPC corp in Eve and I dare say, the majority of player run ones.  Eve veterans passing out sage advice to new players.  Only problem is, they haven’t helped the new guy one bit.  He doesn’t have a ship, doesn’t know why he couldn’t successful run the mission.  He’s read that L4 missions are a breeze in a Drake. It’s all over the internet.

But all the new guy knows that he failed somehow, because he never tried to warp back to the mission gate before.  He’s down a ship that cost him almost every cent he had, and now he’s back to doing L2’s in a cruiser, L3’s if he lucky.  Some players quit after an event like this:  Eve is just too freaking hard to be bothered.

We didn’t want that new guy anyway.

Yeah, I guess.  But if you want to make a difference, repeat after me:

New players, I’m a veteran and I admit that don’t have all the answers.  Some of the things I used to do, you just can’t do anymore.  Eve is constantly evolving.  But I will try to see things from your point of view, try to understand what it would be like to learn how to play all over again, and keep that in mind when I give you my good advice.

That’s all I got.

Minus one.