Three Wishes

Plus one.

I’m pretty pleased with the results of the CSM election.  I did not, for the most part, support  null bloc candidates.  I felt that they had their own voter base and it would allow them to get onto the CSM without my help.  Additionally, I think that the game played in Sovereignty Null is quite different from the small gang pvp game played in NPC null, and it’s light years away from the game OUCH plays in NPC null.

More frequently than not, I look at changes the developers are making to the game and I see what they are trying to do:  fix some inconsistency, some overpowered game mechanic that has been used to mass advantage in the depths of SOV space.  Most of the time, I’m certain I’m not going to be happy with how the change is going to affect my corporation in our little corner of NPC null.

My friend Arch, who has been playing since Beta, always reminds me that the things I complain about today are the result of changes that were made years before I even started playing:  some major or minor fix to an underestimated game mechanic that’s been abused until it unbalanced the game.  It’s like the players discovered crab legs at the All You Can Eat buffet, ate it even when they weren’t hungry.  By the time CCP shuts it down, the players are already fat on crab, and looking for lobster.
So understanding that Eve is an evolving game, I promoted a small block of relatively independent candidates to my friends and students, people with small constituencies that seemed like they would be willing to work for all of us, and not the vocal minority in SOV null sec.  Lo and behold, the vast majority of them ended up elected and they’ve come up out of the blocks running hard, communicating well with the community.  They elected their officers overnight with no drama, and my top two candidates, Trebor Daehdoow and Ripard Teg, are the Chairman and Vice Chairman.

Well, I definitely feel represented.

So with my vision of seemingly Eve represented, small gang pvp in NPC null sec probably won’t get the life sucked out of it by changes to SOV null.  I can actually look forward to some changes that might benefit small corps and alliances that have no desire to fight over Territory Claim Units and Sovereignty Blockade Units.  I started to think of all the things that I wished the developers would think of up that would make my Eve a little better.

The “Wouldn’t It Be Cool” features.  

Yeah.  You know the discussions that you get into with your corpmates about what you think would be cool and why.  I usually punch holes in any “cool” idea that I can see an easy a tactical advantage that players will abuse and we’ll never see it in action.

So, due to the fact that we have medical clones, and our consciousness transfers to a ready clone someplace else at the moment of our death, capsulers are immortals and all that.  Where that clone is located is limited to where a medical facility is set up.

Now if you were choosing to live in a region based on access to medical facilities, you would never choose Curse.

You’d definitely never choose Great Wildlands.  

Curse is a very small region with it’s medical facitlities concentrated really in pretty much three constellations.  Access to stations with medical facilities is contested; Hemin, for instance is a prized system, the ancestral home of Agony Unleashed.  Frequently enough, people will just leave their medical clone in High sec.  It’s easier that way.  Looking at other regions of NPC space, I’d swear that some of them got Curse’s share of medical bays.

Syndicate comes to mind.

Now, I seriously doubt that the devs are going to be nice and just spread a few more med facilities in Curse, but how about making a Clone Bay Array that we could put in a POS?  Great for deep null, great for wormholes, great for NPC space.  Crazy people could even put them up in high sec.  If you know that you could conveniently be in your home system after a pod loss, you might take a little more risk when you’re doing whatever you’re doing.  It also would give players another fast travel option, via self-destructing their pods.  I know that if I had a convenient clone bay in high sec, and another in null, I’d probably visit high sec more often.

Probably not.  You’re kind of scared of high sec.

What happens when someone destroys one of these nifty new clone arrays?  If the devs wanted to be nice, you’d automatically get a new clone someplace close, but I’d recommend that a new clone be activated in your default NPC corp for your race, bloodline, and ancestry.

 That could potentially be a long, long, long way from home.  

Speaking of the fast travel option, why does the jump clone timer have to be 24 hours?  12 hours would be wonderful.  I could jump out at late at night before I went to bed, then the next afternoon I could check on my trades in Jita, move some freight to Amarr, do a couple of missions, teach a class and then jump back out to null for PvP.  Instead, I get to choose to strand myself in high sec, and if I want to come back, I have to slow travel out, or self-destruct my clone.

Wait, that’s not an option, no clone bays in my home system. I guess I can just run the pipe and deal with the perpetual gate camp in Doril on the Sendaya Gate.   Or I can self-destruct and let Agony trap me in a station in Hemin.

Since I know the devs don’t like to give stuff away, but they do like players to use SP to gain advantages, how about making a skill that that reduces jump clone cool down by 10 percent per level?  At level 4, we’d only have to wait 14 and a half hours, level 5 it would be 12 hours.

Then  I can jump out after late night pvp fun time, and do all off my business in high sec, the maintenance stuff that people use alts to do, maybe gank a pirate or two in low sec, then get back out to null for fun with my friends.  From a total PvP point of view, I can jump into my logi clone at 10PM tonight, but when the better logi pilots are on tomorrow at 6PM, I can jump into a pvp clone and be a shooter instead of a healer.

Lastly, I really think we need a ship.  Not a one-size-fit-all battlecruiser with a probing bonus.  Not even anything that has guns.  I think we need a midsized industrial.

Right now, all of the T1 Industrials can carry about 20K m3 worth of stuff with expanders, cept the Iteron 5, king of the industrials, which can fit 40k+ m3 I guess.  The T2 versions don’t have a greater cargo capacity, because of their other benefits.  So we all use Orca’s to move stuff, which isn’t the purpose of the ship, but we can move 70K m3 worth of stuff in cargo and corp hanger, and 50K of ore.  After that, Jump Freighters, with 300K+ m3 cargo but costing billions to own.  Then Freighters, which are massive cargo 800K+ m3,  but an awful penalty in sublight and superlight speeds.

So in the 100K to 200K m3 range, there’s room for an Indy.   Something the size of an Orca but with no ore bay.  Let it carry twice the cargo, putting it in the 150-200K m3 range with cargo expanders.  Give it enough lows to make fitting it with a few warp core stabs not a terrible gimp to its cargo capacity.  Make it affordable enough to be an option for someone doesn’t want to write the big check for a freighter.

While they are at it, they could fix the Primae with its 100 m3 cargo hold, 2000 m3 command center hold and 1000 m3 planetary goods cargo hold.  That’s a ship that was broken the day it was launched.

Don’t be crazy now, that would just make sense.  Just my three wishes.  Nothing major.  Probably not even original thoughts.

Just a few things that would make Eve a little cooler.

Minus one.