Trading Spaceships

Plus one.

I might have a problem.

Do tell?

I’m a little obsessed with killboard efficiency.  Not just the simple statistics of wins and losses, or ISK destroyed versus ISK lost.  It goes deeper than that.

I realized this the other night.  One of the senior guys mentioned that he lost a Harpy on a roam, hero tackling a Sleipnir.  We got the Sleipnir, he said, so it was a good trade.

  • It’s never a good trade.
  • A Harpy for a Sleipnir?
  • Kill them all and give them nothing.
  • Don’t you think that’s a little unrealistic?
  • Maybe.  I don’t know.  Nice kill, by the way.

I remember the days when all I cared about was getting a fight.  Early in my OUCH career, when I tried to solo in frigates and cruisers here in Curse.  I lost my share of ships.  But with the adage of “just go out and lose ships” I was learning.  At least, I thought I was learning.

When I first joined OUCH, I bought a hundred frigate and cruiser hulls and fittings.  Shipped them to Berta, moved them to Sendaya.  Then I played the game the way it’s played by so many capsulers:  Jump into a ship, fly around, get in a fight, lose a ship, dock up, grab a Ibis, fly to Sendaya, reship.

Eventually we started staging ships in the systems we frequented:  Fully fit T1 frigates and cruisers in Hemin, Jorund, Doril.  Then we would roam.  I’d lead a fleet out to Scalding Pass or Catch.  We’d meet a gang, BAM, I’d be in my pod.  Time after time, I’d find myself in a noobship, scouting half a fleet home.

Losing ships is a essential part of Eve Online.  You, the pilot, are only as good as the sum of your character skills, your piloting ability, your grasp of tactics and the advantages and disavantages of your ship and fit. The possibility of losing your ship is the risk you take when you engage in combat, or simply travel through space.

I don’t have an issue with risk.  I just hate the logisitics involved with reshipping after a loss.

I have sufficient wealth, accumulated over several years, to afford my losses.  I don’t fly anything I can’t afford to replace a dozen times over.  My income allows my nest egg to grow.  I’m not affraid to risk the ISK, but I hate to risk my time.


Time spent warping back home in a pod, dodging hostile gangs.  Time spent shopping for hulls and modules,  Time spent moving ships from system to system.  Time spent designing, assembling and fitting ships. Time spent setting up caches in the systems I frequent.  Time spent mining, ratting and missioning to afford the luxury of a primary hanger with 80 odd ships, fit and ready to go.

I just feel that my time is best spent helping the other guy out of his wreck, instead of letting him help me out of mine.

So when I say, it’s never a good trade, when I don’t fight unless I have a clear advantage, when I put extra effort into making a clean kill, taking no losses, understand where I am coming from:

I’m just too damn lazy to spend a lot of time replacing my ship.

Let the other guy replace his ship.  I’ll wait.

Minus one.