The Hunter

Plus one.

Xenon noticed some people in Local in our camp system this morning.  He’s a curious fellow,  so he flew around trying to find out who they are and what they are flying.   He finds a Vindicator and 2 Basiliks on directional scan.

Vindi and a pair of Basi’s on Dscan near P3.

So Xenon jumps in a prober and starts to look for the gang.  Puts some probes up.   Bitches about the new probe setups.  The gang disappears off scan.

Cloaked up.

One of the guys in the gang chides him in Local, tells him he needs to be faster at probing.  Xenon, probes down all of the signatures in the system, and waits.

And waits.

When we all start logging in, we ask him what he is doing?

I’m camping a Vindi and a couple of Basi’s in a complex in 8G.

Where?  You want us to come help?

Not sure, they cloaked up.  I have my probes pretty much on them.  Hang out, I’ll tell you when I get them.  

How long have you been out there?

An hour.

Dude.  You’ve been camping these guys with probes for an hour?



It’s kind of hard for these guys to make ISK with me camping them.

Three hours later, Xenon is still sitting in system, probes out.  He’s doing something or another on an alt, checking DScan and his probes periodically.  The complex gang is still in system, cloaked up.  The rest of us jump in and out of start doing our Sunday housekeeping.

Dude, what’s up with this?

You ever been deer hunting, Bren?

Yeah, why?

The Vindicator is the deer.

Minus one.