BB47: You Just Don’t Know

Plus one.

So Camp Curse is up and running.  The fleet is fat: tackle, damage dealers and EWAR all well represented.  One of the junior guys is flying a Crucifier.  I tell him to link his fit so can make sure it’s up to snuff.    

I believe your exact words were:   Please link your fit so that I may ridicule you.  

Sigh.   My story, not yours.

I look at his fit.  Highs:   Yeah, yeah.  Some weapon things that I don’t care about because fragile EWAR ships shouldn’t be that close.  Meds:  Tracks and MWD.  Check.   Where are your scripts?   A pair of each for each tracking disruptor.   Lows:  A 200mm plate, a nanofiber and an adaptive nano membrane?  Need a signal amplifier and a damage control.   Rigs:  No rigs?  I draw a blank.  Honestly have no idea what rigs he should put on it.  The guys chime in that he should put some tracking disruption rigs on it, drop the nano, adaptive nano, add the DC2 and the sig amp.  

I’m stunned.  Tracking disruption rigs?  What rigs, I ask?  

They get linked in fleet after a few moments.  It’s like the day when your teenage kid drops his shoulder and goes right past you like you were standing still.  To the hoop.  He scores!

Bren, I’m surprised you don’t know about those rigs, one says, aren’t you like an EWAR god?

More like a Prince of EWAR, I say.  

Bren, the next time someone asks you if you’re a god, you say, Yes!

Roger that, but they just proved, once again, that I don’t know everything.

Blog Banter 47 touches on the exploration Eve Online as a quest for knowledge:  Can any one of us really be an expert of this broad based and depth defying game, steeped in lore, driven by players and framed in complex game mechanics?   From my point of view, honestly, Eve is pretty big, pretty complex and I wholly understand that there is a blind spot in Eve knowledge.  

You just don’t know what you don’t know.  

For example, I’m a combat pilot and I fly Falcons, but I really can’t tell you how to make one besides that you need a station and a Blackbird hull.  I do planetary interactions, but I can only tell you a handful of the final products that use planetary materials.  I mine, but I couldn’t tell you if you get more income from omber or scordite.  Oh yes, I am sure that I can look all of that stuff up, someone’s got it posted on the internet someplace, but those areas of Eve are not not my game.  There are experts in Eve that choose to make that their game, their Sandbox.  I leave it to them to compete with one another to ensure there are enough enough ships, modules and ammunition to for me to play my Eve.

So here I am, a combat  pilot teaching other pilots about how to play my game, which is guns versus EWAR, yet as a supposed expert, I don’t know about tracking disruption rigs?  That’s absurd.   Did I look at these rigs at one time or another?  Probably.  Did I remember that they existed when I needed that information to help my corpmate, a junior instructor that may someday replace me as a High Priest of Electronic Warfare?  

Not at all.  

But you know what?  My guys knew.  These friends of mine that I fly with every day.  The pilots who joined OUCH as students, who stayed on as instructors.  The guys I trained and mentored.  Guys I helped raise from noobs and carebears to null sec pirates.  Guys I’ve brought into my fraternity, where we kill more and die less and teach others what we do.  They learn, communicate and exchange ideas, and get more knowledgeable every day they play.  

These guys who I’m teaching everything I know are now taking me to school.  Teaching me stuff.  They prove to me every day that all of us are smarter than any one of us.

So my advice to any player out there trying to win Eve with your expert knowledge, get yourself in a group of really smart guys, keep in mind that you are a noob – you don’t know everything, but you’re learning- and you’ll be fine.  

Just keep learning, keep growing.

The elite?  Well, they know everything already.  

Except for everything that they don’t know.

Minus one.