Plus one.

First, yes, there was a four thousand player fight in Eve the other day.  Nope, I wasn’t there, but it was streamed live by several people, so we all got to watch.


I think it’s very cool for Eve to support this kind of game play.  It’s probably very important for CCP to show that Eve can do things in epic proportions.  But it looked pretty boring to me.

Probably didn’t help that I was watching the Alliance Tournament at the time, which is small gang pvp and much more exciting to me than watching 4000 players in one null sec system playing in slow motion mode, 10 percent time dilation, where it takes a frigate 40 seconds to go to warp.

If their propulsion mod is off.

Thank you, but no.

In other news, a bunch of the OUCH instructors have been doing a little Faction War on the side.  We train and camp with students pretty much five nights a week.  But two nights a week we’re heading to low sec on mostly low SP alts.  Normally, we use this time to unplug from PvP and make a little cash.  Now we’re doing PvP, to make a little cash.

Love that money!

I thought it was going to be all running and gunning, constant fights.  It’s really not.  I’m not getting nearly the fights that my Faction War BFF gets.  On the other hand, I am getting tons of Loyalty Points, I should be able to pick up 2 Scorpion Navy Issues and 2 Raven Navy Issues next week.  Plexing is not bad for making a little cash while you’re doing something else and it’s definitely more exciting than mining.

I think if you do Faction War, you have to decide what your game is going to be:  Farming plexes, doing missions, or PvP.  If you try to do more than one at a time, you’re not going to have as much fun, or reap as many rewards, than if you concentrate on just one.  PvP almost requires constant movement, and farming plexes requires static game play.

Sit.  Wait.  Watch local.  Watch D-Scan.  Ding!  Fries are done!  Point on a Comet!

For you high sec dwellers, FW is a permanent war dec against a different faction… so if you are in Gallente or Minmatar FW, for instance, the Caldari and Amarr FW pilots will be able to attack you even in high sec.

The good news is, you get to attack them, too.

The majority of FW fighting takes places in low sec, so besides your war targets, you have to watch out for “the pirates” or “pies” in FW speak – I’m not making this up – who are roaming around looking for fights.

I’m still not sure where I am going with it.  I don’t really like to solo.  Eve is a multiplayer game after all.  It’s just my gangs have been kind of disorganized, with everyone all over the place, flying by the seat of their pants.

I hate disorganized. 

Yeah, not my style.  Overall, the jury is out on Faction War, but I like living in low sec.  It definitely has potential as far as a money maker and once I find my pvp niche, I’m betting that it’s going to be a blast.

Even if it is a part time gig.

Minus one.