One Down, Two to Go

Plus one.

Couple of months ago, I talked about how a few things I’d like to see implemented in game, a few “wouldn’t it be cool” features that would make life easier for people without being, from my point of view, game imbalancing.

Three Wishes: Clone bay arrays. Pony keg freighters. Jump clone timer reducing skill.

Looks like CCP is granting one of them.

Informorph Synchronizing: Reduces time between jump clone activation by 1 hour per level. 19 hours at level 5. Will be a rank 1 or 2 skill, so it won’t be a very long train.

Now I admit, I did want a 10 percent reduction in time between activations, which would have been 12 hours at L5, but the funny thing is, I was discussing this a couple of weeks ago with my corp mates and I pretty much decided that I could live with 1 hour per level. I’ve come to grips that with proper planning, 5 hours is enough time for most people to do what they need to do,

Need to do. Not want to do.

Yeah, I’ve been reading the discussion thread where there is a bit of complaining that people should get more time. I’ve been trying to figure out really, what the advantage of having another 7 hours gets folks. More flexibility seems to be the most cited reason, and I agree, more time gives you more flexibility. But flexible for what?

For me, this means that I can jump to high sec before I go to bed, 2300 local. When when I come home at 1700 local, I can set my buy and sell orders, ship some stuff from point A to B, mine some Veldspar, or do L4 missions with the students… whatever carebear activities I want, and then after 1800, if something is going on in null sec, I can jump back to my pvp clone and join the fleet. And as a bonus, I just spent 19 hours in my +4 learning implants.

If I’m a trader, it means that I can base a clone in two trade hubs and instead of flying back and forth between hubs, or relying on alts, I can do my orders in Jita and then jump to Rens to do orders there. Then I can log my alt in and do the same between Dodixie and Amarr. Then the next day, rinse and repeat and do it in a fraction of the time.

A lot of OUCH instructors have trainer alts, so we don’t have to spend the time to fly to high sec when we teach. Some of us use jump clones, and that usually means giving up Friday Night PvP to teach on Saturday afternoon, or jumping out on Saturday afternoon and losing Saturday night PvP. No worries mate, jump out after PvP on Friday night, teach Saturday afternoon and jump back for more PvP Saturday night.

It even makes jumps between pvp clones easier: If you’re in a damage dealing clone and they need you in logi tonight, jump into the logi clone. Tomorrow afternoon, you’ll be in the logi clone with the option to jump back into the damage dealer.

It’s all about defining a gaming session. 5 hours seems to be just about right for a typical weeknight timer. I don’t really see a benefit in it being much longer than that, and if I recall correctly, Ripard Teg once said, if you can think of a really cool idea to change or add feature to the game, try to imagine 100 people using that feature in a blob. Is it still cool?

I don’t claim to know exactly how a player, let alone a massive alliance or coalition, could possibly abuse a 12 hour jump clone timer.

But I bet CCP has an idea or two.

Minus one.