Right In The Middle

Plus one.

I have been very busy these past few weeks, mainly because our region has been very busy these past few weeks.  

Tribal Band came to the region and did what many SOV alliances seem to do:  they came to Curse to die.  Confederation of Pizza came out to harass TRIBE.  TEST followed TRIBE out here with hopes of using Curse as the forge to make their iron into steel, but this is Curse.  Razor deployed to their old home in Sendaya looking to chew bubble gum and kick ass.  Black Legion and Pandemic Legion came out to harass everyone.  

And now, the fabled Goonswarm is deploying to Curse.  They told their guys to dock up in G-O in Hale and buy their ships off the local market that TEST has been stocking for themselves.

Live off the land.

The Goons are coming to Curse to finish off TEST, which I’m not quite buying.  That’s like saying Something Awful is going to put Reddit out of business.   I just don’t think it’s possible.  I don’t think that TEST can be killed.  Culled?  Maybe.  

And that leaves the locals, the “hillbillies” that TEST was going to put a smackdown on, before everyone and their mothers drove out to Hale to lock down G-O.  The Denizens of Curse, as I like to call them, are doing what they do: Harassing the transients.  Disrupting operations.  

Farming tears.  

Some of the locals are just really damn good at blowing up other people’s spaceships.  If you have 10 guys, they will destroy you with 6.   If you’re the slow fat kid following the blob, they will trip you up and take your ship.  If you blob, they will just get out of the way.  If you hotdrop, they will run for the corners like roaches in the light.   If you bring enough guys, they will skirmish and pick you apart.  If you don’t bring enough guys, they will send your whole gang home in pods.  If you fly by yourself, they will gank you.  

If you’re into PvP, Curse is a great place to live, but it’s a terrible place to visit.  

And OUCH is right in the middle of it.

Minus one.