Falling Trees

Plus one

Goonswarm announced they were deploying to Curse to finish off TEST.  Personally, I don’t see it happening. [Not Goons going to Curse, cause that’s happened.]  I just don’t think you can kill TEST, because of TEST’s Reddit presence. I think it’s more likely for Goonswarm to see TEST in their vulnerable state and take their little brothers back under their wing, back into the CFC. 

It’s the kind of metagame thing that happens and you say, I didn’t see that coming..  

I don’t hate Goonswarm.  

I don’t like them.  I don’t hate them.  I’m neutral toward them.  


Does what they do affect my game?  I guess that anyone who can field thousands of anything and manipulate the free market like the Goons can affect my game.

There are individuals that affect my game pulling strings behind the scenes and I do not even know who they are. And there are allies and corpmates of mine manipulating things too.

I try not to care.

Occasionally, I admit, I will get on a tear and bitch about how this Goon Fleet did this or that, and because of it, I can see a big nerf bat coming that will affect small gang pvp.  I will admit that sometimes, it really pisses me off.  

I get over it.  

I get over it because I know that the Goons don’t get special VIP privileges.

They were not behind Archduke Ferdinand’s assassination.

They did not bomb Pearl Harbor.  

They didn’t change the original formula for Coca Cola.

They were not on the grassy knoll.

They didn’t hide WMDs.

In short, they do not eat babies or brains.  They do not drink blood.  

They don’t have secret meetings with the Illuminati (the Queen, the Vatican, Rothschilds and Colonel Sanders) and to decide how to rule the world.  

They are tasteless jerks with delusions of grandeur and a mob mentality.  I get that., but so are a lot of corporations and alliances in Eve.    

It makes them great villains, and great villains make for great stories.

Count Dracula.   Darth Vader.   The Joker.

Dick Cheney.

But folks, if a tree falls in the forest, it doesn’t mean that The Mittani ordered it cut down.

Minus one.