Tough Break

Plus one.

So I have a Bro-mance with TuxedoMask from Justified Chaos [JUSTK], Gallente Faction War.  He tells me a story the other day.

He and one of his boys warp to a small plex, Tux is in a Tormentor, his buddy in some other frigate.

They check D-Scan: 2x Kestrel, a Cormorant and a Rifter are inside. They go in because they are steely eyed killers. They are pretty confident that that they can beat these guys.  JUSTK is kind of good at this FW game.

They tackle the Cormorant and primary a Kestrel. They put tracks on the turret ships.

A few moments later, Tux says, his partner calls out, I’m jammed!!!  A moment later, Tux is jammed too.

A Griffin decloaked inside the plex and jammed them both. Webbed and scrammed, they both lose their ships.

“Micro Falcon?” I say, “Nice! Why didn’t I think of that?”


“Oh. Tough break, dude.  Sorry about your loss.”


Minus one.