Eve Community Spotlights

Break Break.

So my good friend TuxedoMask always is looking out for me:  He loves the concept of Open University.  He thinks what we do, teaching newbies that null sec isn’t scary, is pretty freaking awesome.

So he sees the Eve Community Spotlights and he’s been poking me:  OUCH needs a community spotlight, he says, you should try to get one.

And I’m like:  Dude, OUCH is so small time, we aren’t even on the map in the Eve Community.  Besides, I don’t even think Eve Uni has gotten a Community Spot, although they did give Eve Bet, Markee Dragon and SomerBlink community spots.

Does that hurt your feelings, Bren?

No… I’m just trying not to be a bitter vet and cry about how someone else gets treated better than me.  I totally understand that Eve, like life, is not fair..

Keep thinking:  New Player Experience.

Okay… So they gave the Angel Project some press.  They spotlighted Chribba.  Brave Newbies, haven’t been around too long, but they do cater to newbies.

And finally, last month, they spotlighted Eve University and Agony Unleashed.  Nothing but respect for what they do, since what Open Uni does is a hybrid of those two training programs.  Where Eve Uni’s training and Agony’s PvP University are talked about, OUCH usually ends up in the conversation as a viable alternative to either program.   All you need is the time to complete it.

Praise The Mittani!

You’re such a smart ass sometimes.

Well, I’ve had a lot of practice.

Yeah… I can tell.