Was That A Good Fight?

Plus one.

We had a student, one who recently lost their ship, ask on the forum when is it appropriate to say “good fight” in Local?  Do you say “good fight” when you’ve been ganked by a dozen red flashies on a gate?  Is it just a common courtesy thing?

Wow.  Really good questions.

The problem I have with giving a “good fight” in local is half the time, people don’t mean it. If they gank you, their “gf” is the same as saying “loser”. If you’re blobbed or ganked, your “gf” is a petulant “thanks for nothing”.  So personally, I don’t say good fight unless it’s really is a great fight.

Which you still haven’t defined.


A cruiser jumps in system and is engaged by 6 destroyers on the gate.  The cruiser tries to run, but is webbed and scrammed.  The cruiser fights back, kills 2 destroyers but he doesn’t make it.


A cruiser jumps in system and engages 6 destroyers camping on the gate.  He hunts down  2 destroyers and almost get a third before the destroyers can put him down.

Same outcome but only the second one is a good fight.

I know, it’s very subjective, but I think that it boils down to this:

A good fight is consensual, one where both sides want the fight, agree to its terms, and ultimately, accept the outcome.  

If a fight meets the above criteria, it’s a good fight.  If one side somehow thinks that they got the short end of the stick, it’s not a good fight.

This is my Eve:  It is a harsh universe and good fights, my friends, are all too rare.

When a Cynabal pilot comes across a bubble camp of two Merlins and a Harpy, and he swoops in on them, and they take the fight, and he kills them all, it’s a good fight.

Lopsided maybe, but a good fight.


When a Cynabal pilot comes across a bubble camp of two Merlins and a Harpy, and he swoops in on them and they take the fight, and 40 seconds later, he’s scram-web-paint-track-damp-jammed and in his pod, there is no way you are going to convince that Cynabal pilot that that was a good fight.

Not at all.  That’s not the fight he signed up for.

So when you tell him “gf” in Local, as a courtesy for his bravery in trying to kill your frigates and failing to notice all the cloakies in local, he’s going to reply, “No, not really.”

You didn’t meet his expectations.  He didn’t agree to your terms, and he doesn’t accept the outcome.   I’ve met enough of those guys that I only say “good fight” when I actually think that they other guy will agree that, “Yes, that was good fight.  Thank you for sharing your Eve experience with me.”

Happens all the time. 

Which is why OUCH pilots usually put up “gg” in local.

“Good Game.”

Just like when we were kids, after the game, when the coaches lined us up to shake hands with our opponents, win or lose.  You remember what that was like don’t you?

Yeah.  I hate your guts, but my mom is watching and she expects me to be a good sport.

Minus one.