Hey, Little Sister

Plus one.

One of the nice things about being in a training corporation is watching players develop from newbies or carebears into solid combat pilots.  Ultimately, joining Open University of Celestial Hardship allowed me to use a real life skillset that I truly enjoy, teaching and training others, in a video game.

Bet you never saw that coming. 

Now, OUCH has a multicultural, diverse demographic, all races, creeds, ethnicities.  We’re definitely open and inclusive.  And probably every few months, we catch a female player who wants to learn how to to survive in null or get into PvP.

I love having women in corp, because to be honest, having all guys in a corp, well, guys that can kind of be jerks at times, gets freaking old.  Women in your corp tend to temper the overwhelming testosterone-fueled jackassery that comes with all-boys clubs.  OUCH currently has 2 female instructors now, and it’s pretty cool.

Awww.  You old softy.  What ever happened to the old He-Man-Woman-Haters club?

Dead and gone, brother.  Good riddance.

Don’t get me wrong.  I treat my female pilots just how I treat my male ones.  I don’t make any special accommodations for them:  I tell them when they do good and when they make mistakes.  Make sure they’re on the training schedule and fleeting up.  Help them figure out what they need to be working on to support the corp mission and their own personal development.  If they fly stupid, I give them crap just like one of the boys, because they are one of the boys, a member of the fraternity of OUCH instructors.

In other words, they are treated as equals.

Yeah, so when I told my youngest little sister, OMG, you’re soooo sweet, I’m almost going to feel sorry when I make you cry, she replied, you can try.

You love it.

Hooyah!  Give me a half dozen more just like her.  I told her I was looking forward to her being one of my best FCs.

So the other night when I log in, she’s FCing, something she had been successfully avoiding for a couple of months while she learns the OUCH playbook.  I ask her what she wants me to fly and she tells me a stealth bomber.  I come out to Camp Curse and take a look at the fleet composition.

A lot of people don’t know that OUCH teaches FCs.  It’s kind of hard to primary our FC off the field because if you happen to get the right one, there are usually 5 guys in fleet that can replace him or her.  In our fleets, the senior most experienced FCs are usually not leading the fleet: they are coaching the FC, and doing imitations of good soldiers by following orders.

Trying hard not to second guess the junior guy.

When you are a new FC, what you can or cannot take on is the biggest hurdle to knowing if you can commit the fleet to a  fight.  What comes naturally now to our senior FCs, their gut check, is based on simple math they learned when they were new FCs.

If x is greater than y, kill all the things.  If y is greater than x, run away.

So my FC is figuring out her tactical plans for tackle and EWAR, with some of my senior guys coaching her and giving her feedback.  I casually ask a question.

FC, what’s your fleet strength?

Eighteen, she says.

It’s been a while since I’ve heard my FCs talk about fleet strengths.  They are macho manly dudes, making gut checks, taking on Ishtar fleets with pocketknives, trying to get me podded.  I’m pleasantly surprised when she pipes up with a number so quickly.

Oh, I say? And, pray tell me what genius Operations FC taught you that?

I read it on the forum, she says confidently.  The smile on my face expands into a huge grin of pride.  She can read.  Yet another reason why I like women in corp.

You know something, I tell her, you’re going to be a bad ass someday.

And one of her brothers pipes up:

She already is.

Minus one.