Reflections 2013

Plus one.

A lot of people pass through Curse and they see Art of War Alliance camping the same small warp disruption bubble that we’ve been camping now for three years.

Three years?

They think we’re pitiful and lazy, stupid or crazy.  They tell us that we need to roam.  That we need to stop being so over reliant on EWAR.  That we need to fly bigger ships.  That we need to stand and fight.  That we need to use Logistics instead of ECM.

We try not to dissuade them of their opinions.

We know they don’t realize that Art of War Alliance is Open University of Celestial Hardship, and PvPing with absolutely inexperienced pilots and helping them grow is a big part of what we do.  To them, we’re just a bunch of newbs ganking rookie ships and shuttles, using ECM on everything that moves and running away from perfectly good fights.

They don’t see the billion ISK kills or the two minute long fights where your heart is pounding in your ears, where you can’t see straight from all the adrenalin that’s pumped in your system because you can’t actually run away or punch someone in the face to relieve it.

OUCH has built its sandbox in central Curse.  We build our castles, and while sometimes they get knocked down, we’ve learned that we can always rebuild them.   We don’t hold Sovereignty, but we have a home.  We find enjoyment in taking the time to teach people that you can make a life living in null sec and you don’t have to lose a lot of ships learning how.

As PvPers, we teach the secrets that all veteran PvPers learn over time:  take the fights you want to take and don’t take the ones that you know will go badly.  We show new players that undocking does not mean consent to PvP and that situational awareness beats tank or gank more times than you would believe.  By flying frigates, we prove you don’t need billions of isk to have fun playing Eve, or learning to PvP.

We make it exciting by believing that every ship counts.

We are very good at small gang camping.  Our kill records reflect it, but that’s not all we do.  Our blues are experts at roaming and black ops and flying with them, we have an opportunity to enjoy both of those styles of small gang PvP.  Many of us have alts; we do Faction War to work on solo skills while living in low sec.  Others live in wormholes or squat in Sovereignty null sec to farm those fields in neutral space.

But Curse is our home, where we live, where we make our living, whether  mining, ratting, plexing, or exploring.  It’s heavily influenced our corporate culture, made us hard and cynical killers who treat bitter eve veterans harshly and on our terms.  In Curse, people come and go, corporations, alliances and coalitions rise and fall, but OUCH and our allies remain.

It’s not the Eve that CCP sells.  It’s not epic tales of great wars.  It’s not the destruction of a major corporation from within through espionage.  It’s not the Queen of Marksbury Rules that you find in tournament Eve.

It’s just a bunch of guys and gals, playing Eve Online, living and learning in null, paying it forward.

Minus one.