BB52: Enjoy the Ride

Plus one.

There’s this graph thingee.


Got put up for Blog Banter 52.  Eve Online.  Connected accounts.  All time weekly average.

It usually around 30k.  Has been for longer than I have been playing.  Some call it a plateau.  Where it goes next, no one can rightfully predict.

I’m not sure what it’s supposed to really prove.

Some say that Eve Online is dying and this graph is a sign of stagnation.  Many of these claims are from people who have been playing for longer than I have, who want more from their Eve because they have “been there and done that”.  Every new feature or change to the game results in their quick and expert assessment that this feature is good or bad, and frequently enough, complain that CCP shouldn’t waste their time when there is this other thing that needs to be fixed to make their game-play more exciting.

I still can’t believe they nerfed the Hurricane.

I don’t know why, you don’t even fly them.

These same players look at the some changes and wistfully wish that we could roll back the clock to a time where Eve was better.  A time so many expansions ago.  They rate expansions against Apocrypha.  Better than, worse than.  They wait for the expansion that will be better than the last, and revitalize their Eve.

They’re spoiled children.  

They are playing Eve Online, which is a great game and has been a great game for 10 years, and familiarity breeds contempt.  Eve has been around so long, our veterans believe that new players can’t possibly want to play a game that they have been playing for 6 years,  8 years, 10 years.  There are lots of newer games out there to grab other people’s attention.

It’s as if they believe that everyone that wants to play Eve is already playing it.  No new generation of people could possibly want to play a ten year old spaceship game.

I started playing Eve more than four and a half years ago.  Right before the Dominion launch.  It was a 6 year old game.  That’s pretty old in a media sense, you know.  But Eve online was new to me.  It was a complex, vast, vibrant and beautiful universe.

News flash:  It still is.

Every month, Open University of Celestial Hardship gets new pilots.  Many of them are brand new to Eve.  They come and start playing a game that has 10 years of history.  Ten years of expansions.  Ten years of tweaks and balancing.

That puts us well past Beta, don’t you think?

The new player today is starting a game that has 10 years of improvements.  The Eve Online that I am playing today is much better than the one I started playing almost 5 years ago.

Maybe we’re in equilibrium.  New players come and go, some to never return.  Same goes for some of the veterans.

That’s just the way it is.  

But maybe, 30 thousand connections is what it takes to keep it all moving forward.  Maybe 30 thousand connections is enough.  Maybe we need to understand that while this is our game, it’s also CCP’s business.

I don’t think they plan to fail.

Maybe some of us just need to have more realistic expectations, acknowledge consistent improvement and stop feeling that the number of players reflects the success of our universe.

Like, maybe we need to just enjoy the ride.

Minus one.