A Day in the Life

Plus one.

Last night, woke up in station and got in comms, in a private channel that functions as my virtual office.  I have an open door policy but fortunately people tend to leave me alone when I am in my office.  I read my mail, answered a question from a fellow OPS member, forwarded a mail from a student to the training director. 

I brought my Covert Ops hunter home and clone jumped him back to the Caldari-Gallente warzone.  He had been part of a team of five pilots hunting ratting carriers and battleships in SOV.  Income denial to some coalition guys who had gotten our bad side.  They took us seriously after the carrier and marauder losses.

5 pilots in camping 5 systems in covert ops cyno fit recons can change a large  alliances behavior.  They can make an average of 50 thousand NPCs farmed per day reduce to 10 percent of that.  In a week, that starts looking like real money. 

In a month, it starts looking like a recession.

But, we have other things to do that ruin the the day of null sec ratters in nearby sovereignty, so we pulled almost everyone out. I sent my guy back to the Caldari-Gallente warzone.  I’ve got some things I want to try in low sec. 

Do they have require the use of Warp Core Stabs? 

The Chief of Staff and Ops Boss joined me in the office.  They brought me up to speed on what I missed last night when I disconnected.  We made a few decisions and joined the general chat in the lounge.

My industrial pilot left Jita after selling 350 million in goods to some buy orders, and then high tailed it to Rens to check on buy orders there.  When he’s done, he’s got some small market adjustments to do in Berta, then back to null sec to support OUCH.

My wormhole pilot got in his covops and probed for practice.  Cloaked up and watched the hole.  When his corpmates showed up, they jumped in damage dealers and bashed some structures

Checking D-Scan the whole time.

I led Camp Curse for a couple of hours, taking down a couple of Tech 2 Cruisers and a few frigates with my OUCH bros.  I briefed the Operations Department on some small changes going on with regard to our allies.  Discussed how living in Curse, for better or worse, has influenced OUCHs playing style and talked quite a bit about about how making the transition from OUCH Student to Ops Instructor to OUCH FC changes you.
I read the Dev Blogs.  Chatted with DNSBlack about plans for Fanfest.  Caught up with Black Claw, who’s been busy running Haven.  Linked Hawk fits back and forth with TuxedoMask.  Fixed access issues for some students on the forum.  Read a couple of blog posts.  Discussed weekend plans and tactics with my Ops Boss.  Reviewed student records on the forum.  Tentatively scheduled an EWAR class for mid February.  

Restarted my extractors on more my planets and moved materials to keep my robotics production active.  Posted a thank you on the OUCH recruitment thread in the Eve Online forum.  Checked my To Do list.

Early night.  I turned over FC and said my goodnights.  Left my fleets, docked up and disconnected.  

Just a day in the life. 

I think maybe tomorrow I’ll solve CCPs problem with thousand man fleets overloading nodes.

Minus one.