Big Enough for You?

Plus one.

The recent battle for HED-GP left hundreds of capsulers complaining that CCP needs to fix Eve Online so that they can have big battles with thousands of players on a side.  It’s really brought out how CCP has trapped themselves in a loop.

CCP promotes Eve Online as a game with big epic battles where thousands of players fight in ships worth “thousands of dollars” and when these ships are destroyed, reportedly something of value, “real money” is destroyed.  

Well, not real money, but I get what you mean.

They upgrade the servers so that these epic battles can take place.  The players try to make these epic battles even bigger, to the point of overloading the servers.  Then they are angry at CCP for not be able to have the battles that CCP promotes.  

So how far does it have to go?  CCP is in the computer hardware design dilemma:  You make a system powerful enough to easily handle standard x sized programs by making it 2x.  When programmers see your new 2x system, they start writing applications to use 2x worth of hardware, bogging down the system again.

Where does it end?

A week ago, after the Battle of HED-GP, if you had asked me what I would do if I was CCP, I had a simple fix.  It’s my personal belief that CCP needs to just take a deep breath, do nothing, and tell the player base to HTFU.  

If you can’t figure out a way to have the epic battles without putting 4000 ships on one grid and ruining your Eve experience, that’s not our problem.  We know that no matter how big we design for, you will overload it.  We’re waiting to see if you’re smart enough to work around it.  

And today, after the Battle of B-R5RB, I think it’s been proven that the players can fight within the capabilities of the server.  They can have the epic battle without loading everyone on one grid and disrupting the node.  They can spread out their people, coalesce them where they are needed, hold reserves in place and have a battle that spreads fleets out across many systems and still contribute to the final outcome.  

In short, you can have a battle so grand that it makes the mainstream news.

Just like CCP wants.

Minus one.