Plus one.

Hey Bren, what’s your favorite cruiser?  

You’d think that is an easy enough question.  When I was asked this by a student, two weeks ago, after a little deliberation with my corpmates, I finally settled on the Stabber.  I’ve had a lot of fun flying Stabbers.  

Liked them before they were good.  

I’ve a thing for flying the ships that other people do not fly in PvP because they are not the “best ship in the class” and I don’t want to fly the Flavor of the Month.  I flew Stabbers, even Caracals, when everyone was flying Ruptures.  Manticores instead of Hounds.  Raptors instead of Stilettos.  Flycatchers instead of Sabres.

When everyone was flying Rifters, I flew Merlins.  When the Merlin, Incursus, and Tormentor got buffed, I jumped back into the Rifter.

The poor “underpowered” Rifter.

Ships are tools.  I rarely fly a ship just because I want to fly it.  I usually fly a ship in the role that the fleet needs me in.  Since I can fly every ship that my fleet typically needs, I can afford to be more flexible that some of our pilots.  

But I only have to be flexible about 10 percent of the time because OUCH’s fleet compositions are pretty simple.  Our primary fleet doctrine is role driven and not ship driven:  Tackle. DPS. Support.  

20 percent of the time, I fly a Manticore.  It’s my preferred ship for FCing.  In an OUCH fleet, it’s a combination DPS and EWAR support platform that lets us punch above our weight class.  

70 percent of the time, I fly a Falcon.  It’s a very powerful tool.  Possibly the most hated ship in the game.  It suits Art of War Alliance’s “Guns versus EWAR” fleet doctrine.

Lock target. Ruin fun.

It isn’t quite that simple.  The Falcon is a complex weapons platform that most people think is easy to fly. I’ve become very comfortable flying Falcons.  Still, it’s not my favorite ship.

Favorites come in different flavors.  For some, the reasons why they love a ship are purely performance based.  Damage. Tank.  For others, its the ships esthetics or special abilities that get them.

I love the Ashimmu.  I had one.  I would sit in it and admire it.  So beautiful.  With neuts and webs, it’s a mean, close up and personal, electronic warfare platform.  I took mine into combat once or twice.  Good times, until we got into a fight with some Noir battleships that escalated into something a little more than we could handle.  My baby got hotdropped and I ended up in my pod.

I vowed I would never own another.  Too specialized, too expensive and not compatible with the fleet compositions we had been using at the time.

There’s one in your hanger.

Yeah.  It was a gift.  I don’t fly it.  


I love the look of every one of the Arbitrator variations.  The Curse is my favorite, beautiful ship. Mean weapons platform.  I do not own one.  One of the biggest problems with the Curse is they can’t warp cloaked 

You’re killing me, Bren. 

Wait a sec, it gets better.  The second and more annoying problems with the Curse is it needs a cloak, because no one in their right mind gets in a small gang fight with a Curse on the field.  And you can guess what the big problem is with the Pilgrim?

It’s not a Curse.  

Damn right.  So I’m going to be looking at a lot of the ship’s I can fly a little more critically, and try to get in a few different ships.  Maybe I’ll figure out some more favorites.  

Tell me what you find.

I’ll do that.

Minus one.