Plus one.

I have been in Open University of Celestial Hardship [0UCH] for almost four years.  In those  four years, I’ve given a lot of training, I’ve taught a lot of students and made a lot of good friends, living in the NPC Null region of Curse.  At the same time, I’ve taken a little more than 200 losses, teaching null sec survival.

Last weekend, I celebrated 5000 kills with Open University of Celestial Hardship.
I did not get my kills ganking miners and haulers in high sec.  I did not get them in fleets of a thousand pilots or even a hundred pilots, bashing structures in time dilation.  I didn’t get them roaming around solo, looking for good fights in low sec.

I did not get 5000 kill mails alone.  I got the majority of them while developing new players in fleets of 3 to 12 ships.  I got most of those kills flying EWAR support, covering new pilots as they learned how to tackle and follow the primary.  I got scores those kills teaching Operations Department pilots how to fly Frigates, Assault Frigates, Stealth Bombers, Cruisers and Force Recons.  I got hundreds of those kills teaching many generations of OUCH pilots how to be fleet commanders and experts in Electronic Warfare. I got thousands of kills teaching pilots to kill more and die less.  I got those kills treating adversaries with enough respect that they decided they’d rather fight with OUCH than against OUCH.

I got those kills while developing a team of pilots who will kill everything on their overview if they can, who are wise enough to know when to fight and when to not to fight, and who are willing to spend a good part of their play time teaching new players what they know.

So in the end, I tip my hat to the men and women of Open University of Celestial Hardship and Art of War Alliance, along with the pilots of Appetite 4 Destruction and Dirt Nap Squad, our best friends in the dangerous region we call home.   Because I certainly would not have gained this achievement without the help of my fellow OUCH pilots, my allies and my students.

And to be honest, without my friends, I wouldn’t have even tried.

Minus one.