BB54: What Heroes?

Plus one.

A guy subscribes to Eve Online.  He invests a considerable amount of money to do PvE in high sec.  He loses his way blinged out ship to gankers.  He replaces the ship.  He is contacted by a person who tells him that he would like to help him out, so this doesn’t happen to him again.  He trusts the individual and gets scammed out of all of his assets.  

This incident is publicized on Eve Online news sites.  

And the crowd goes wild:  This guy had it coming.  Go back to WoW, noob.

It calls to question the entire concept that is Eve Online culture.  Are we just mean people?  Are there good guys and bad guys?  Are there heroes in a universe where the good guys are the ones on our side and the bad guys are the ones shooting at us.

Who are they? 

The bad guys? 


Well, they’re the ones shooting at us. 

Didn’t we start shooting them first? 

Don’t try to make sense of this, just reload and keep shooting. 

I’m certain that our villains don’t see themselves as villains  They see themselves as doing their part to keep Eve Online pure.  If that is punishing a player that has no clue that “this is the effing sandbox Jimmy, you can’t fly stupid in the effing sandbox”, well, so be it.

Personally, I think this is CCPs biggest challenge, because I don’t quite see how players punishing a foolish pilot for his ignorance helps CCP make money.  Someone pays for every second of game time.  CCP makes money on subscriptions. whether by subscription or through PLEX.

I don’t see how bad behavior entices a new player into paying a subscription to happily shoot red crosses in high sec, or to pay cash for PLEX to buy their ships.  I don’t see how blowing up a two month old character in a mining barge entices them to keep paying a monthly subscription to mine the minerals needed to make the gankers ship.

How does this help Eve Online grow it’s player base?  Does it just attract more wolves into the sheep pen?  What happens to Eve Online when we run out of sheep?  Who is going to make the ships?  Move the modules?  Mine the ore?  Harvest the rats?

Can you imagine an Eve Online where you would have to mine your own ore?  Make your own ships?  Harvest your own rats for Meta 4 modules?  Where PvPers have to do crafting?  Can you imagine an Eve Online where the guys who don’t want to pay-to-play also don’t want to make isk in game to buy your PLEX because it’s too freaking hard to live in even the peaceful corners of the Sandbox.

There was a guy.  He was in a hurry to be able to do L4 missions for his recreation.  He spent a thousand bucks to play Eve Online.  Bought himself a real expensive ship, perfect for the task it was designed to do.  He bought it twice.  He lost all of it to guys whose recreation is ruining someone else’s Eve.  

And we, the people that play this terrible game, think that it’s cool, because to stand up and say, This is wrong, we shouldn’t act this way, is ridiculed.

Eve Online players eat their young and then wonder why the player base doesn’t grow.  

We didn’t want that new player anyway.

See, I think it’s kind of hard to find heroes in a universe where the only way to tell the good guys from the bad guys is the good guys aren’t trying to screw you over. 

And in Eve Online, nearly everyone is trying to screw you over.

Minus one.