Jet Lag

Plus one.

I went to Fanfest.   Stayed on East Coast Time the entire time, which is easy because the Icelandic people do not sleep.  I saw a little girl riding one of those 2 wheel Razor scooters. Zipped past me at 11 o’clock at night.  9 years old, if she was a day.

No kidding?

But it was me and 7 of my corp mates roaming in Reykjavik, gate camping the occasional restaurant or bar and then roaming again.  Miss Teri, Jak Reacher, Zurakaru Ze, QINTAKI, Merlin Aesir, Roi Defenestre and Metzorp.  We picked up 2 new recruits on the bus in from the airport and they hung in there too.

Had a great time.  Ate lamb and fish and then waffles at 1 AM.  Drank like Sailors.  Flirted with the local women.

Partied like rockstars?

Retired rockstars, maybe.  See the line where I said that Icelanders don’t sleep.  It’s ’cause it’s kind of hard to sleep when you go to bed after sunrise.

I’ll talk about a couple of specifics in a few days, like speaking at the Coaching Them Up seminar with DNSBlack, doing 5v5’s in the PvP room and playing 5 glorious minutes of Eve Valkyrie, but the truth be told, the best part of Fanfest was hanging with my fraternity of OUCH instructors.

But really Bren, how was the trip?  Was it fantastic?

It was cool.

Will you go again next year?

Ask me that again after Eve Vegas.

Minus one.