Making Contact

Plus one.

Let me point out one of the things that annoys / amuses me to no end.

RandomStudent75 has added you to their contact list with excellent standing.

I’ve been playing these silly internet games for a while. I understand the concept of a contact or friends list. Something to provide easy access to communicate with your friends in game. That’s cool.

Here’s the problem with RandomStudent75 adding me to his contact list with excellent standing:

You’re not friends?

Worse. I’m a PvPer who doesn’t set individuals to excellent standing. I am not going to reciprocate and place him on my Contact list with excellent standing. I am going to leave him alone, in the default “No Standing” condition.

As a stranger without standing, he’s what we commonly call a “neutral.” My band of pirates fights neutrals. If he shows up in my neighborhood, me and mine are going to try to take his ship and his pod. Then, the next thing I expect to see from him will be:

RandomStudent75 has added you to their contact list with terrible standing.

So for those of you thinking that you’re playing the same old game you been playing, listen up. In Eve Online, you don’t have a Friends List. You have a Contact List and how you manage your contacts is important.

Unlike all the other games we might play, the Contact List in Eve Online is a tool to help manage Rules of Engagement by setting standings. The same Contact List that some of you are using to collecting buddies on Spacebook is used by other players, corporations and alliances to control who is in their fleets and on their Overviews.

NBSI. Not Blue Shoot It.

“Blues” aren’t necessarily friends either. They are just the people you help. Or at least, they are the people you do not harm.

Unless you like making work for your Diplomats and CEOs.

My friends in Eve? I have them on my contact list, but they are set as Neutrals. We all are in separate corporations and alliances. Our corporations and alliances determine who we do or do not engage. If I end up on their overview, or they end up on mine, our personal standings will not prevent us from supporting our respective fleets and engaging one another.

There are no enemies, only adversaries.

So Sugar Kyle? Neutral. Greygal? Neutral. TuxedoMask? Neutral. Alekseyev Karrde? Neutral. Real and Space friends alike. I will try to take their ships if I can.

And they never have to tell their fleetmates,

Sorry guys, I can’t engage Bren Gnezan. He’s blue to me.

Minus one.