Plus one.

A couple of weeks ago, on a Thursday, I checked the forum and noticed that one of the instructors was kind enough to post a warning: OUCH had been wardec’d. Marmite Collective. I checked the calender. Sure enough, it’s been about a year. We had less than 24 hours before the war commenced.

I sprang into action.

I don’t recall you doing anything special.

Yeah, you’re right. I chilled.

A few hours later, I checked the forum. Jak had initiated our war plans. He posted a warning to the corp on the forum and when I got in game, I found that he had sent our a warning Eve mail. He even put a warning in our corp chat MoTD, with a link to the Forum.

Put your mission boats and mining barges up, treat high sec as null sec until further notice. Don’t make yourself a target.

Now, last year, we put away the Mackinaws and got in our Rifters, scouted out the bad guys, figured what they were doing, where they were hunting. Then we told everyone that they could go back to their regularly scheduled activities so long as they avoided the systems where they would end up on the killboards.

Pretty simple. I believe one student lost a mining barge.

So imagine my surprise when 8 hours into the wardec, one of the students says in corp chat, What the hell, we’re wardec’d? I just lost my freighter.

Are you effing kidding me?

That’s what I said. Before he could reply, MT kicked him from corp. I took a deep breath and remarked to my corpmates that I just don’t understand.

Communications is key. Everyone in the corp gets the initial CONCORD notification. They get the commencement notification from CONCORD, too. We send out a corpmail, post on the forum, warn in the message of the day. We can do everything right and still someone will not read the memo.

Then Syko pipes up. He says, That guy was online when Jak passed the word. He knew what was going on.

What you talking about, Willis?

My corpmate informs me that our young freighter pilot was online, in Teamspeak with our Director of Operations earlier in the day. He was told not to fly anything bigger than a frigate during the wardec. He was told not to fly along the major trade routes trying to get blown up. He was told to make the wardec worthless.

He asked questions. He received answers. Training was conducted.

And less than 24 hours later, he innocently lost a 1.4 billion ISK freighter between Jita and wherever he thought was a safe place to park.

You know, sometimes people give you advice that they are just not qualified to give. Priests give marriage advice. Bartenders give stock tips. Gamers tell you how to pick up women.

Truth is, we take bad advice all the time.

But good advice?

Yeah. We slap that away like Lebron blocks shots.

Minus one.