Ugly Duckling

Plus one.

I’ve got, shall we say, an idiosyncrasy.   I very rarely fly “the best ship” in a given situation.  When the Rifter was King of Frigates, I flew a Merlin.

Dual weapon systems and all.

Case and point, before the cruiser rebalance, I flew Stabbers instead of Ruptures.  Don’t mistake me, as a small gang damage dealer, the Rupture was superior.  Higher DPS.  More Drones.  Better tank.  But the Stabber was fast, and I flew it like a big Rifter in a heavy tackler role.

To be honest, I just liked the Stabber. The Rupture never appealed to me.

So I’ll admit that there’s a part of me that chooses a ship based totally on how it looks.  Offer me a Maller or an Omen and I’ll take the Omen almost every time.


Not quite the ugliest ship the Caldari built, the Osprey and old Moa were both worse.  But there is nothing pretty about the Blackbird hull.  It’s just a ship.  Nothing to write home about.  The Blackbird, Rook and Falcon  are ships flown purely for their utility.

Well, as a Falcon pilot, you should be pleased that the hull is getting a face lift with Rhea.

You would think so.


I think I like the old one better.

Minus one.