The New Sovereignty Diet

Plus one.

SOV changes are coming this summer. Lot’s of people are complaining that there’s not going to be enough risk for attackers, since they are presuming that one guy with an Entosis fit interceptor can effectively reinforce systems by himself and defenders will be running around from system to system trying to fend off interceptor pilots that they can’t catch.

I don’t think I buy it.

The reason why you don’t buy it is because while they are right, they are also very wrong. 20 interceptor pilots can potentially cause havoc to a large alliance’s ability to hold a region of space. They can threaten a lot of space. If 250 pilots of a 1000 man alliance are online are trying to cover 50 systems, it’s going to be tough. It’s going to be tough because all 1000 members of that alliance, under current SOV strategies, are going to be based in one or two staging systems instead of spread out throughout their SOV.

In other words, they don’t live in the SOV they hold.

And that’s the point. If SOV holders don’t evolve, then everything that these critics are saying is true.

But there’s no reason to think that they won’t evolve. Because while 20 interceptor pilots can threaten a lot of space, they cannot take and hold it. A corp that can field a few dozen guys during prime time can hold a system. An alliance that can field a couple of hundred guys during prime time can hold a whole constellation. Granted, they might have to have pilots who can do more than just anchor up, press F1 and link meme’s in chat. The SOV changes mean that systems won’t be held by holding corporations anymore and the rats rented out. Systems are going to become the responsibility of military corporations living in their systems, with the numbers to defend their system or constellation.

In the end, systems are going to be defended by people playing the game, not by people bored with Eve, playing some other game, waiting for a Jabber ping to summon them.

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Since Dominion, SOV has evolved into an All You Can Eat Buffet. Corporations got fat, they formed alliances, they took more space. The best of them grew into mega alliances and coalitions. They took more and more space. Buffering themselves with renters and coalition members and alliance corporations, they’ve stuffed their faces full of moon goo and anomalies, and got fatter and fatter.

The likes of Goonswarm and Northern Coalition have made huge plates where they eat until they’re tired, take their naps and come back for more.

And no one touches their plate while they are gone.

Stand by people, it’s time to lose some weight. This summer, CCP’s gonna make you eat what you take, and if you don’t eat it all, someone’s coming to clear your plate. Spread yourself too thin, leave crucial territory to people who don’t log into the game, you’re going to lose territory faster than you can imagine. Alliances that spread responsibilities of constellation defense by active corporations, with good communication networks, competent FCs and players who can act independently of a 200 or 2000 ship fleet are going to do well.

When the dust settles, I believe regions will be held by coalitions, not alliances. Friendly neighbors holding territory. Just watch, the days of a single powerful alliance holding several regions are coming to an end.

I can’t wait.

Me neither.

Minus one.