Improving High Sec

Plus one.

I read a lot of blogs, I read 10 to 15 of them daily. One thing I’ve been noticing is a lot of people seem to have an idea of what CCP should do to fix high sec.

Let’s get the elements of this suggestion that are going to annoy folks out there right now. We have to reduce the viability of players living in high-sec their entire game lives.

Talvorian Dex – Target Caller

Okay, so I’m annoyed. The problem is, the most vocal of pilots in New Eden do not live in high sec. They live in null or low sec, and they PvP, and their suggestions all revolve on one thing:

Lack of people for them to shoot.

Yeah, it seems that there are a lot of folks in null sec and low that can’t find enough people to shoot at. There is just not enough action in the areas where pvp is allowed without restriction.

Lots of people in high sec that we can’t shoot. Make them move to null sec. Make it harder to make a living in high sec and the people there will gravitate to the rewards in low sec and null, where there is opportunity, but at the cost of increased risk.

Like I said, I read a lot of blogs, I don’t often reply on them. I did on Target Caller.

In real life, we see people who are living in war torn, unstable countries moving out for safety and opportunity.

In Eve, if you make high sec life harder, more risky, less stable, less rewarding, the people who Are satisfied with high sec now will not go to low sec or null for more rewards, because they have other options.

They dont have to move out of high sec for more content. They can just play another game.

Emphasis mine.

I am a PvPer. I started my life in New Eden in high sec and 2 months later, I was as a soldier fighting Atlas as a renter in Geminate. I’ve lived in NPC null sec camping bubbles with newbies. I have fought over plexes against the Gallente Federation in the hotspots of Black Rise. I’ve been a pilot in RvB (Blue Republic!) and roamed with Agony Unleashed (Sup Dybbuch!). I’ve sat on a titan dropped on newbies who preached that feeding others with kill mails was fun. I’ve flown interdictors for the most elite pvpers in Eve and been told to fly something more useful and get more kills.

I’ve been a soldier, a fleet commander, a teacher, a director, a diplomat and ultimately the executor of a insignificant hundred man alliance living in NPC space. I can tell you that High sec needs fixing, but not the fixing that PvP-centric null and low sec pilots would prefer.

High sec needs to be safer, which will grow it’s population, so that there is more competition for finite resources, and only then will the more ambitious players migrate to more dangerous space.

Right now, one of those resources is victims for high sec pvpers. More ships are destroyed in high sec than null and low sec combined. If you took away high sec pvp, everyone who wanted to blow stuff up would have to do it in Low or Null. Where people invariably shoot back.

That would increase the population for PvP areas, which is really why everyone who doesnt live peacefully in high sec wants to adjust high sec play.

There are people, the majority of players in Eve Online, who log in and do spaceships in the safety of high sec, chatting it up in NPC corp chat. No comms, no fleets. Soloing in a Navy Faction Battleship or Marauder, shooting red crosses, er, triangles. They love the game as much as any PvPer. They out number us 5 to 1. That they are content with the high sec game as it stands is not a bad thing. But CCP needs to make improvements to retain the carebear, the PvE-centric player, instead of trying to driving them into null or low sec space. Competing with other players in ship to ship combat is not for everyone.

We should all be encouraging CCP to make changes to increase retention. A bigger overall Eve Online population means that CCP has the money to develop cool features that ultimately all of us will enjoy. But if we PvP-centric players, the vocal minority, keep trying to encourage CCP to do something to high sec to make our PvP game better, we’re encouraging CCP to cut off their nose to spite their face.

Open University transitions dozens of carebears to killers every year. But they come to null sec by choice, not because someone is pushing them out here.

Make High sec a theme park. Scary, but generally safe. Make ganking painful for the gankers. Shorten wardecs. Let players pay CONCORD to be left alone. Eventually, some of those people will get bored and find their way out to low sec and null.

After all, we did.

Because ultimately, if you make living in high sec harder, they will just play another game.

Minus one.